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  • Department of Pediatric Surgery

  • Phone: 908-522-3523

The Day of Surgery

What should I expect the day of surgery?

Be sure to arrive on time or your child’s scheduled surgery may be delayed or even postponed.

When you arrive at the hospital, your child will change into a hospital gown and receive a hospital identification bracelet with his/her name, birth date, and hospital number on it. A nurse will take your child’s vital signs including heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure.

Many of the same questions you have answered before will be asked again. This is a safety measure to insure that all the information in your child's record is correct. You will be asked about allergies, medications, and if your child has been exposed to any contagious diseases.

Then an anesthesiologist will see your child to answer any questions and examine your child. A child life specialist will see your child to help prepare him/her for what to expect and to answer any questions your child may have. In most cases, your child's surgeon will see you to make sure your child is ready for the surgery.

If your child has an allergy to medications or latex, make sure the staff places an allergy bracelet on him or her, and note the allergy on the hospital chart.

When it is time for surgery, an operating room staff member will come to escort your child to the operating room. You may walk along side your child up to the operating room hallway. This is where you will give hugs, kisses, tell your child that you will be close by throughout the surgery, and that you will see him or her soon. Staff will verify child's identity once more and check the patient chart to make sure all information is correct. You will be directed where to wait while your child is in surgery. When the surgery is over, the surgeon will speak with you and let you know how the operation went.

  • Department of Pediatric Surgery

  • Phone: 908-522-3523

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