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  • Integrative Medicine Hospital-Based Services

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Trager Psychophysical Integration®

This is a combination of gentle, hands-on tissue work, movement re-education and relaxation exercises. The hands-on work consists of gentle rocking, stretching, and rolling movements to relax and enliven tense areas of the body. The Trager practitioner uses a technique called "hookup” to attain a calm and focused state of mind. The practitioner communicates this light and energetic state via the hands to the client's body allowing the body to relearn ease of being and movement. The movement component, termed Mentastics® ("a combination of "mental" and "gymnastics") focuses on making movements lighter and easier.

Tragerwork is gaining popularity in rehabilitation of chronic musculoskeletal conditions, especially headache and neck, shoulder and back pain. It has been shown to increase vital capacity in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients, to be useful in promoting trunk mobility in cerebral palsy and Parkinson's disease. It is currently being investigated for relief of chronic shoulder pain in spinal cord injured patients. The risks and contraindications are the same as for massage therapy.

  • Integrative Medicine Hospital-Based Services

  • Phone: 973-971-6351

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