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Lymphedema Management Services

At the Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute we offer complete decongestive therapy, a comprehensive treatment for lymphedema that includes:

  • Initial assessment - a complete assessment by a physical therapist who considers the patient's symptoms, medical needs, and lifestyle to determine the appropriateness and potential effectiveness of this therapy
  • Manual lymphatic drainage - gentle massage techniques designed to stimulate lymphatic vessels and promote the flow of lymph fluid
  • Compression bandaging - promotes lymph drainage and prevents fluid re-accumulation
  • Exercise - promotes muscle and joint motions and helps improve lymphatic circulation
  • Skin care - patients are taught the importance of meticulous skin care
  • Compression garment fitting - a support garment is custom fitted to each patient to help maintain the reduction of swelling
  • Follow-up care - regular follow up visits are scheduled to monitor progress and ensure management of symptoms

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is an abnormal accumulation of lymph fluid that creates swelling in the arms, leg, face, neck, abdomen or genitals.  Normally, a network of lymph nodes and lymph vessels carry and remove lymph fluid to all parts of your body.  However, damaged lymph channels disrupt normal fluid drainage from tissue.  Lymphedema can occur without any obvious cause or may occur after injury, scaring, infection or surgical removal of lymph nodes.  In the United States, lymphedema is most often caused by cancer-related interventions.

Decreased strength and range of motion, as well as prolonged discomfort in affected limb(s) can seriously interfere with quality of life and state of well-being.  If you or someone you love is one of the 2.5 million Americans suffering from lymphedema, you may benefit from our services. 

 Follow these steps to get started:

  • Obtain a written prescription for lymphedema therapy from your physician
  • Call for an appointment for a lymphedema assessment at the Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute
  • Contact your insurance company to determine your benefits; we will be happy to assist with any necessary paperwork

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