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Birth Certificate

Obtaining a birth certificate is an important first step in documenting a newborn. Either before arriving at the hospital or after admission, parents will complete a birth certificate worksheet. Download a copy now >

When filling out the form, print clearly and double-check your work because this information will be used to create the baby’s legal birth certificate.

The following information must be accurate to ensure that you receive a correct birth certificate and Social Security card:

  • Mother’s name (first, middle, last)
  • Mother’s maiden name (her name prior to marriage)
  • Father’s name (first, middle, last and suffix – Jr/Sr/III/etc.)
  • Mother’s date of birth
  • Father’s date of birth
  • Social Security number of mother and father
  • Baby’s name (first, middle, last and any suffix – Jr/Sr/III/etc.)
  • Mailing address of the mother – this is essential for the Social Security card

After the birth certificate is completed and signed by the obstetrician and both parents, it is electronically sent to Sussex’s Town Hall Office of Vital Statistics, where it is registered with the state and permanently stored. At this point, any changes to your baby’s name will require a court order. Newborn birth certificates are available from the Office of Vital Statistics no earlier than 10 days after the birth of the child.

To request certified copies in person, go to the Town Hall Office of Vital Statistics. Bring a photocopy of a photo ID or two other forms of non-photo ID (such as a phone bill or a bank statement) of the person making the request. The process takes about 10 minutes to complete.

  • Maternity Center

  • Phone: 973-579-8555
  • Maternity Center Manager

  • Phone: 973-579-8594
  • Classes and Tours

  • Phone: 1-800-247-9580

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