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Energy Medicine

Energy therapies involve the use of energy fields.  The existence of energy fields is under scientific investigation and is part of most of the world’s major healing systems.  The two types are biofield therapies and bioelectromagnetic-based therapies.

We offer the following energy therapies at the Mind Body Center:

  • Biofield energetics- refers to therapies that focus on assessment and modulation of the human energy field. These therapies include Brennan Healing, healing touch, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Polarity, Reiki, therapeutic touch, and prayer and spiritual healing.

    Contraindications to using any energy therapy include psychosis or any serious psychiatric condition.

    • Brennan Healing Science- is a powerful energy healing method that uses laying-on of hands to direct energy through the practitioner to clear and balance the client's energy field. The various healing techniques focus on specific conditions promoting balance and well-being to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions. It is used to accelerate reduction of swelling and inflammation caused by injury, and to hasten recovery from surgical procedures. It reduces or eliminates pain related to illness, chronic conditions or injury. It is effective in the support of healing and treatment of diseases, and assists in balancing mental and emotional conditions thereby restoring inner harmony.

    • Jin Shin Jyutsu- is a healing practice that uses gentle, direct pressure of the hands or fingers, along energy pathways on the body, to promote health and well-being. The philosophy behind "Jin Shin" is that it works by redistributing and unblocking energy by applying pressure to 26 specific “safety energy locks” along the acupuncture meridians, or “energy lines,” of the body. Jin Shin Jyutsu reduces stress and tension, eliminates chronic pain, increases self-awareness and promotes the natural healing abilities of the body. It can be used to support healing in virtually any medical condition, or as a means to maintain a healthy energy system. Jin Shin can be applied by a practitioner or done as a self-help technique.

    • Polarity Therapy- incorporates elements of reflexology, acupressure, craniosacral balancing, therapeutic touch, yoga and Ayurveda. It is based on the theory that there is a pattern of energy in the human body that forms a matrix the body uses to heal itself. Polarity therapy decreases stress, promotes relaxation, increases energy by removing energy blockages, and stimulates the secretion of endorphins, which increase feelings of well-being. Polarity therapists have reported significant success with their patients/clients in decreasing pain, stress, and post-chemotherapy nausea, among other conditions. A Polarity session may include gentle pressure, rocking, or hands-on or -off techniques. Also included are dietary interventions and exercise (Polarity yoga) as needed for attainment of physical and emotional clearing of blockage and balancing.

      The contraindications to Polarity therapy are febrile illness (a temperature over 101 degrees); existing blood clots; internal bleeding disorders; directly over skin breakdown areas, fractures, very bruised tissue, enlarged varicose veins; and psychosis and drug/alcohol intoxication. In some situations, contraindications may be overridden after consultation with a physician.

    • Reiki - means “universal life force energy.” Reiki is a popular Japanese energy healing technique that utilizes laying-on of hands to direct energy through the practitioner to the client to heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions. Reiki is used to reduce stress and create a sense of deep relaxation. Practitioners use it to clear energy blockages in the body and facilitate the body's natural healing processes. Reiki is used to support healing in a wide variety of acute and chronic physical conditions including asthma, allergies, arthritis, chronic pain, headaches, digestive disorders and insomnia. It is sometimes used to facilitate the healing of wounds, broken bones, and burns. Reiki also eases mental distress and promotes emotional healing.

    • Healing Touch - an energy-based therapeutic approach to health and healing. It uses light touch to influence the energy system, specifically the energy field that surrounds the body and the energy centers which control the energy flow from the field to the body, thus affecting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and healing. Healing touch restores harmony and balance in the energy system, placing the client in optimal condition to enhance healing. It complements traditional health care, and is used in collaboration with other approaches to health and healing. Qualitative scientific research has shown that healing touch reduces pain, anxiety, tension and stress. It also promotes relaxation and enhances immune function.

    • Therapeutic Touch (TT) - this is a form of hands-on healing used by health care practitioners. It is used as an adjunct to standard medical treatment to promote relaxation, release tension, decrease anxiety and facilitate the natural healing abilities of the body. It may be used to aid treatment in almost any medical illness. The practitioner detects weakened or congested areas in the client's energy field, and then re-balances them. During a session, the client sits or lies comfortably while the practitioner moves her hands one to two inches above the body. The recipient may feel warmth or a pleasant sense of vibration during the treatment. A session may vary, lasting between 10 and 60 minutes, depending on need.

      Contraindications include work in the area of the head in the case of cranial injuries, and during the last weeks of pregnancy.

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