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  • Maternity Center Pre-Registration Office

  • Phone: 908-522-2304

Admission for Labor & Delivery

Admission for Labor & DeliveryWhen you arrive at Overlook Medical Center, enter the hospital through the main entrance. You may either park in front of the hospital if you are unable to walk (the car must be moved after you are stable) or park in the garage directly across from the main entrance. During the daytime a concierge (in a red jacket) can assist you if you need a wheelchair. After 11:30pm, you will need to enter the hospital through the Emergency Department. View our campus map >

When you enter, you will be on the fifth floor. Walk through the lobby straight past the Information Desk down the hall to the first set of elevators on your right. Take the elevator to the Frank and Mimi Walsh Maternity Center on the sixth floor. When the elevator opens, proceed to the left of the Labor and Delivery doors. You will be greeted by our receptionist and admitted by a nurse. You will then be escorted to your room. Be sure to have your insurance card and your driver’s license available. We will register you at your bedside.

What to expect when you arrive at the hospital for admission to labor and delivery:

  • Come directly to the labor and delivery floor as directed by your doctor.
  • You will be escorted to your room and asked to change into a hospital gown or your own night gown if you brought one from home.
  • You will be placed on the external fetal monitor.
  • You and your partner will be asked to sign consents. Please bring along the name, address and telephone number of your pediatrician.
  • If necessary, an intravenous (IV) will be started by your nurse. For example, if you will have a scheduled cesarean delivery or an induction of labor.
  • Blood work will be drawn.
  • A portable ultrasound may be done to confirm your baby’s position.
  • You may be evaluated on arrival to labor and delivery by a resident, hospitalist, or your own doctor or midwife.
  • Inform your visitors that there is a visitor’s lounge on the sixth floor outside of the maternity unit. 
  • Maternity Center Pre-Registration Office

  • Phone: 908-522-2304

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