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Pelvic Floor Disorders

  • Urinary incontinence - Leakage of urine
  • Stress incontinence - Involuntary loss of urine during activities that put "stress" on the bladder such as laughing, coughing, sneezing, and lifting
  • Urge incontinence - An involuntary loss of urine preceded by a strong urge (also known as "overactive bladder")
  • Dysuria - Painful urination
  • Urgency - A powerful need to urinate immediately
  • Frequency - The need to urinate more often than normal (more than every two hours or more than seven times a day)
  • Nocturia ' Waking up frequently (more than once) during the night to urinate
  • Cystocele - Prolapse or bulging of the bladder into the vagina
  • Rectocele - Prolapse or bulging of the rectum into the vagina
  • Enterocele - Prolapse or bulging of the small intestine into a space between the rectum and vagina
  • Uterine prolapse - Prolapse or descent of the uterus into the vagina
  • Fecal incontinence - Accidental loss of solid stool, liquid stool, or gas
  • Constipation - Variously defined as infrequent bowel movements (less than three bowel movements per week), incomplete emptying of bowel contents, need to excessively strain to effect a bowel movement, passage of small, hard stools, or need to place your fingers in the vagina or the space between the vagina and anus to effect a bowel movement

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