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Remembering Our Roots, Forging Our Future

Bucket Brigade II

For three summers in the 1960s, Hackettstown area residents took to the streets with buckets, seeking donations from motorists to help build a local community hospital. That “Bucket Brigade” successfully raised $101,000 – the equivalent of $715,000 today.

The Foundation for Hackettstown Medical Center is celebrating this monumental achievement of our past by launching the Bucket Brigade II campaign, which aims to raise $715,000 for Hackettstown Medical Center by 2022. Donations can be made through our online virtual bucket or at hospital events.

Funding Priorities

The Bucket Brigade II campaign will support two core hospital projects – advancements to our cancer care technology and continued renovations in our Emergency Department. Donations will also allow us to expand our operating room with a state-of-the-art interventional laboratory, replacing our current vascular lab. These enhancements and other improvements to high-priority programs will allow us to remain on the forefront of modern medicine for our patients in the years to come.

Every Drop in the Bucket Counts

As with the original Bucket Brigade, every gift matters, both large and small. Please consider donating today and help Hackettstown Medical Center continue to provide our community with quality health care close to home.

Hackettstown hospital founders hold donation bucket

Make a Donation

Motorists donate to Hackettstown hospital fundraiser

Share Your Story

Hackettstown Medical Center is proud of its rich heritage. If you remember the original Bucket Brigade and would like to share your story, please email us or call 908-850-6722.