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Employer Services

By contracting with CONCERN Behavioral and Management Solutions, we can provide your organization with access to licensed professionals who specialize in workplace issues; short-term, goal oriented treatment; and job training. Our services can be tailored to the needs of your business and may include:

  • Full-service employee assistance program (EAP)
  • Short-term, solution focused counseling contracted on a case-by-case basis
  • Behavioral first aid following a critical incident
  • Substance abuse professional assessments
  • Supervisory referrals to address workplace behavioral risk management concerns
  • Educational and wellness workshops for employees
  • Management, supervisor and organizational consultation
  • Training for managers and supervisors
  • Coaching services in person or over the phone
  • Guidance in finding appropriate referrals and resources for specific behavioral health needs
  • Trauma response

Substance Abuse Program Referrals

If you have a Department of Transportation employee who fails a drug test, he or she will be evaluated by one of CONCERN’s substance abuse professionals. They will recommend treatment, accompanied by case management until its completion. A follow-up evaluation will then be conducted to determine if he or she is ready to return to work.


All of our EAP counselors have at minimum a Master’s degree in clinical psychology, social work or psychiatric nursing and are licensed to practice in New Jersey. They are experts on the subjects of chemical dependency, behavioral health issues and workplace needs and stress factors.

Our team is available to assist your managers and supervisors with specific employee or departmental issues, implementing organizational change and identifying workplace conflicts.


CONCERN Behavioral and Management Solutions maintains confidentiality for all services. Client records are kept in secured files at CONCERN and are completely separate from hospital medical records. Cases are numerically coded, scheduling is done centrally and access to all information is controlled. CONCERN utilizes a release of information form and complies with all state and federal laws regarding confidentiality, including reporting requirements.

Atlantic Corporate Health

Atlantic Corporate Health tailors employee health programs that lower the costs of health care for businesses and consumers by encouraging proactive wellness programs and offering cost-effective, convenient, and quality care.