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Fitness and Lifestyle Classes

We have a variety of classes available at the Chambers Center for Well-Being, from full body fitness to high-intensity interval training. Call or click sign up below to join one of our classes. Class descriptions >

Class Descriptions


Full Body Fit

Utilizing a wide variety of exercises and equipment, work the whole body through a mat-based strengthening class.

Strength & Cardio

With a focus on strength training and aerobic development, this class combines the best of both approaches through the utilization of weightlifting, Kinesis training and cardio exercises.

Strength & Intervals

This class’ combination of strength training, with an emphasis on intervals, will get you moving for the full duration of the class in a continuous, energetic environment.

Active Release

With an aim of increasing balance, mobility and posture, this class utilizes a variety of tools to release tension and rebalance the body’s alignment.

Upbeat Intervals

Feel energized and efficient in this fast-paced HIIT class. Multiple movements with minimal rest, this class helps boost metabolism and burn calories.

Power Yoga

Moving smoothly through the sequence, this power yoga class challenges not only strength and flexibility, but also one’s ability to maintain mindfulness through the flow.  

Pilates Mat

Increase alignment and balance of the body through our Pilates Mat class. With a focus on challenging the core, this low impact class is a safe way to sculpt the body in a controlled and efficient manner.  


Increase your well-being with this guided meditation class designed to bring awareness to our body and thoughts.

Mindful Movement

Rediscover your body’s natural state with this movement-based awareness class. Reduce stress, increase neuroplasticity, connect with the body’s alignment, and smoothly work towards moving the body freely.

Flow Yoga

Move through a series of poses to strengthen the body and gain flexibility, while promoting a sense of inner calm through the breath.

Gentle Yoga

A combination of mediation and the calming effect of a non-strenuous, mindful yoga sequence.