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Fitness and Lifestyle Classes

We have a variety of classes available at the Chambers Center for Well-Being, from full body fitness to high-intensity interval training. Call or click sign up below to join one of our classes. Class descriptions >

Class Descriptions

Full Body Fit - 55 min 

Using a wide variety of exercises and equipment, work the whole body through this  mat-based strengthening class. 

Strength & Cardio - 55 min 

With a focus on strength training and aerobic development, this class combines weightlifting, kinesis training and cardio exercises. 

Strength & Intervals - 55 min 

Strength training, with an emphasis on intervals, will get you moving for the full duration of the class in a continuous, energetic environment.  

Active Release - 55 min 

With an aim of increasing balance, mobility, and posture, this class uses a variety of tools to release tension and rebalance the body’s alignment.  

Upbeat Intervals - 30 min 

Feel energized and efficient in this  high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class.  With multiple movements and minimal rest, this fast-paced class will help boost metabolism and burn calories.