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The Chambers Center for Well-Being empowers you to customize your well-being journey to wellness, relaxation and renewal. Select a same-day experience designed by our experts or personalize your own package.

Resilience Building

Recover, Thrive, Flourish. Take charge of your stress and be empowered with skills to build resilience. Begin with HeartMath®, a mindful practice that helps you learn to balance your heart rhythm to better adapt to stress. Then relax and enjoy the rejuvenating sauna and salt room.

1.75 hours 
$107 ($127 value) 

  • HeartMath® Session (45 min)
  • Infrared Sauna Session (25 min)
  • Salt Room Session (25 min)

Stress Relief

Enjoy a relaxing massage, followed by a stress-reducing session on our warming BioMat®, and a rebalancing experience in our Himalayan salt room. Leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

2 hours 
$135 ($161 value) 

  • Relaxation Massage (60 min)
  • BioMat® Session (30 min)
  • Salt Room Session (25 min)

Pamper You

Take the time to take care of you. Begin with a relaxing massage followed by a refreshing express facial and a stress-relieving session in our salt room. Leave feeling pampered and rejuvenated.

2.25 hours 
$187 ($220 value)

  • Relaxation Massage (60 min)
  • Chambers Express Facial (45 min)
  • Salt Room Session (25 min)

Healthy Weight

Achieve or maintain a healthy weight with tools for success. First, understand your body with a body-composition analysis. Tap into what motivates you during a goal-setting session with your well-being coach. Then our registered dietitian will develop a personalized eating plan for you.

1.75 Hours 
$144 ($170 value) 

  • Body Composition Session (15 min)
  • SMART Goal Setting Session (30 min)
  • Nutrition Counseling (50 min)

Kick-Start Fitness

Jump start your fitness journey by learning what works best for your body. Start with a personalized exercise plan and body-composition analysis. Next, a certified personal trainer will work with you to build your personal fitness routine. Finally, unwind and heal your muscles with our infrared sauna.

1.75 hours
$145 (a $171 value)

  • Personalized Exercise Plan with Body Composition (60 min)
  • 1:1 Personal Training Session (30 min)
  • Infrared Sauna Session (25 min)

Healthy Lifestyle

Develop your plan to support a healthy lifestyle. Our personal trainer will analyze your body composition and develop an exercise plan to boost your overall health. Then, address your stress with HeartMath® and an infrared sauna session for a holistic approach to support health management.

2.5 hours
$158 ($196 value)

  • Personalized Exercise Plan with Body Composition (60 min)
  • HeartMath® Session (45 min)
  • Infrared Sauna Session (25 min)

Thermal Trilogy

This package takes you on a journey to help cleanse, tone, and purify your body with therapies conducted at cold and warm temperatures. 

1.25 hours
$103 ($122 value)

  • Cryotherapy Session (15 min)
  • Infrared Sauna Session (25 min)
  • Salt Room Session (25 min)

Customize Your Well-Being

Combine services to customize your own same-day package. Pick what’s best for you on your wellness journey. Check our full list of services and pricing >

Pricing and services times vary.

  • Book two services, receive 10% off
  • Book three or more services, receive 15% off

*Packages are for individual client use on the same day. If you would like to use the services in these packages separately on separate days, the full price of each individual service will apply.

Service Descriptions

1:1 Personal Training
Train one-on-one with a certified personal trainer, and get individualized programs and workouts. These are tailored to your needs and fitness goals, with monitoring of technique and form to keep you moving safely.
Enjoy laying on our warming BioMat® that combines heat, far infrared rays and negative ions to helps reduce stress and fatigue, while promoting relaxation, restful sleep, and immune system support.
Body Composition
Take a deep dive into understanding your body composition with this non-invasive service. Get an analysis of your skeletal muscle mass, fat mass, hydration status, and other important health parameters to make informed decisions on the next step in your fitness journey.
Chambers Express Facial
The Chambers express facial is the perfect quick rejuvenating service to revitalize the skin. This treatment includes enzymatic exfoliation, soothing mask and finishing serums.
Immerse yourself in sub-zero temperatures and experience a natural endorphin boost and energy surge in this session. Cryotherapy uses vaporized liquid nitrogen to promote a natural healing response, helping to reduce pain and inflammation.
HeartMath® Session
Build resiliency with this relaxing and mindful practice. Using HeartMath® technology, learn how to monitor and change your heart’s rhythm to balance your stress response, and better adapt to change and challenges. You will learn skills to decrease stress, and the result is a positive effect on your emotional and physical health.
Infrared Sauna
Sit back and experience the rejuvenating properties of the infrared sauna. Sweat out accumulated toxins and reduce inflammation. Experience stress relief, improved mood and detoxification with each sauna session.
Personalized Exercise Plan
Gain insight into your overall fitness level through assessing movement quality and aerobic capacity. Leave with tips and tools to achieve your health and fitness goals.
Relaxation Massage
This relaxation massage involves flowing strokes and kneading, performed with moderate pressure. It's a pain free therapy and is an effective way to de-stress and relax the mind and body.
Salt Room Therapy
Relax and breathe in the healing properties of purified Himalayan salt. The negative ions of the salt blocks and beauty of the room help to rebalance the body and reduce stress.
SMART Goal Setting
With guidance from your well-being coach, take time to tap into what motivates you to be well, and develop smart, simple, measurable, realistic goals and a plan to achieve them. Walk away with the next best steps forward on your well-being journey.

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