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From high school to professional athletes and even weekend warriors, Atlantic Sports Health specializes in athletic nutritional needs. Whether you’re looking to increase weight by adding lean muscle mass or lose weight and reduce body fat composition, specific nutrition strategies can elevate your performance.

Atlantic Sports Health athletic nutrition specialists are registered dieticians with advanced credentials in nutrition and diet and can help you achieve all of your performance goals by reviewing key areas of your diet, including:

  • Fueling before, during and after workouts
  • Hydration
  • Meal timing
  • Overall calorie and diet composition to best support your activity
  • Preventing cramps
  • Sleep
  • Strategies for optimizing recovery
  • Supplements

Other aspects of nutrition in which Atlantic Sports Health specializes include Type 1 diabetes, low blood sugar, celiac disease, picky eaters, vegetarian athletes, menstrual irregularities, bone loss, suppressed metabolism, polycystic ovarian syndrome and eating disorders.

Sports nutritional services are available at both our Morristown and Sparta locations.

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