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Patient and Family Caregiver Experience Sub-Committee

The Patient and Family Caregiver Experience Sub-Committee at Hackettstown Medical Center and Newton Medical Center provides a means for staff, patients and families to address the challenges facing our hospitals and improve care.

Committee Member Responsibilities

Members of the committee will assist with planning, implementing and evaluating various projects designed to:

  • Improve the caregiver and patient experience
  • Establish patient- and family-centered care priorities
  • Strengthen communication between health care providers and patients and families

Requirements to Join the Committee

We ask that those who are interested in joining the committee follow these guidelines:

  • Serve a two-year term at minimum
  • Attend meetings regularly and read all materials and agendas beforehand
  • Establish ground rules with other members to ensure effective meetings
  • Maintain the confidentiality of any sensitive information that may be shared during meetings
  • Candidly share your experiences, perspectives and criticism – both positive and constructive
  • Be respectful and supportive of fellow committee members