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Healthy Schools FAQs

Learn answers to commonly asked questions about Atlantic Healthy Schools: 

Why an Atlantic Healthy Schools initiative?

Atlantic Health System knows that health behaviors start early in life. That's why we want to partner with schools to create and promote changes in the classroom that support nutritious eating and active living.  

What does the Atlantic Healthy Schools initiative offer?

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Healthy school contests
  • Seasonal programming
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Wellness committee consultants
  • School health index training
  • Our signature A+ Challenge: Actions for Healthy Schools

Why should my school join?

The Atlantic Healthy Schools initiative will help solidify and mobilize the health initiatives already going on at your school.

Is there any annual fee associated with being a member of Atlantic Healthy Schools?

There is no annual fee associated with being a member of Atlantic Healthy Schools.

How far in advance do programs need to be requested?

Classroom programs are only offered only during certain months. Please review the list of offerings and submit your request as soon as possible within the specific timeframe (school staff and parent programs should be requested at least 2 months in advance). All efforts will be made to honor requests in a timely manner.

Is there a limit to the number of programs I can request for my school?

Atlantic Healthy Schools can accommodate one school program for one grade of your choice.

What if there is a program topic I am interested in that is not listed on the Atlantic Healthy Schools list of available programs?

If you would like information about whether or not Atlantic Healthy Schools can accommodate a specific program request, or you would like to make a suggestion about a particular program that you think would be helpful for Atlantic Healthy Schools to develop, you can send an email with your request/suggestion.