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Healthy Schools Program Descriptions

When your school becomes a member of Atlantic Healthy Schools, you can choose programs from the following list. For more information on how to become a member, please call 973-971-7247 or email

Please note there is a limit of one program per grade per school each school year.

 Healthy Eating 

The following classroom programs are available January through April and are each 30 minutes long.

Grade 1 – Fun with Food Groups 

This interactive presentation explains why it is important to eat a variety of food from each of the five food groups. Take-home materials are provided.

Grade 2 – Go, Slow and Whoa Foods

Thorough interactive and engaging activities, students learn simple ways to recognize foods that are the smartest choices to fule their bodies. "Go foods" can be eaten almost any time, "slow foods" can be eaten somtimes and "whoa foods" should only be eaten once in awhile. Take-home materials are provided.

Grade 3 – We Are What We Eat

Through interactive and engaging activities, students will learn about portion control and why they need to eat a variety of healthy foods. Take-home materials are provided.

Healthy Lifestyles

Grade K-1 – Germ Busters

Available September through January (30 minutes)
Through an interactive classroom presentation, students will learn what germs are, where they live, how they get into our bodies and why it’s important to wash our hands. Instruction finishes with a fun demonstration.

Grade 4 – Tar Wars

Available November through February (40 minutes)
Interactive, tobacco-free education will get children thinking and talking about the short-term health effects and consequences of tobacco use.

 Grade 5 – Less Stress for Success

Available December through May (45 minutes)
This interactive class helps kids understand that it's normal for them to experience stress in different ways. They'll learn what causes it and positive ways to cope.

Sports Health Seminar Topics

Atlantic Sports Health offers sports-elated seminars that can be geared toward the student athlete, parent, teacher, coach and school medical professionals. Topics include: sport concussions, common overuse injuries, pre-participation physical exams, burn out, fracture care, nutrition and hydration, skin checks, prevention and performance testing, and medical issues related to return to play.
(1 hour, presented by Atlantic Sports Health)

Pediatric Lectures

Throughout the school year, programs on various pediatric-related topics can be customized to meet the needs of you parents or school staff. 

Safe Sitter

Safe Sitter® after school program is a 7-hour hands-on, interactive babysitting training program for girls and boys ages 11-14 offered in two 3-1/2 hour sessions for Sussex County and Warren County. For more information call 973-579-8340 for Teachers and School Nurses

Developed to complement this awarding-winning website, the Supplemental Materials for Educators enhance classroom curriculum by providing additional information, discussion questions and resources on topics, such as alcohol, dating violence, depression, smoking and STDs. (Available online at