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Emmi® Educational Videos

Feeling scared or nervous about your upcoming procedure? Finding it hard to manage your chronic condition? Many patients have the same concerns. Atlantic Health System believes the more information you have about your care, the more in control you’ll feel. This is why we are proud to offer you access to FREE, online, educational programs called Emmi®.

What are Emmi Programs

Emmi programs are a series of online presentations that make complex medical information easy to understand. Using a soothing voice, animated graphics and easy-to-read text, Emmi programs take you through your upcoming procedure or help you manage your chronic condition. Feel empowered today. View an Emmi program and share it with your friends and family.

View an Emmi Program

You need a unique access code to view your Emmi program. You must get this code from your health care provider. Once you have your access code, view your program >

If you are scheduled for an upcoming procedure or have a chronic condition, ask your doctor if there is an Emmi program that’s right for you.