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In the Words of Our Patients

In the Words of Our Patients

At Atlantic Health System, providing safe, attentive care has always been our priority. In these uncertain times, that has never been more true.


Here's what some of our recent patients had to say about their care:

Thank you Morristown Medical Center!

Although I was not thrilled to have to go to the hospital during this pandemic for my heart care, I can honestly say, I knew you would take care of me and keep me safe. I was right. My son drove me and was not allowed in the hospital. I didn’t mind that they were letting as few people as possible into the hospital. Nor, did I mind having my temperature taken or having to sanitize my hands. I knew it was for my own protection. Loved that everyone had masks and gloves on. Your professionalism and friendliness are a constant whenever I am there and this time was no different. Great job…Thank you Morristown Medical Center!

Richard C.

On April 19 I took a really bad fall. In normal times, I depend on Morristown Medical Center to patch me up, but I was really terrified to even think that I may have to go there. I was afraid of getting COVID-19 and just assumed the hospital would be unsafe.  Now that I’m safely back home after three days in Morristown Hospital, I’m amazed at how well everything was run. Now I know that my fears were misplaced. 

Since my family couldn’t be with me in the ER, those folks working in the ER became my trusted and incredibly kind support system.  The first thing I noticed was the organization and smell of cleaning products. Everywhere I looked folks were cleaning and wiping…killing any chance I would get COVID. They kept me away from everyone else and assured me that all their masks, gloves, gowns and air filters were for my protection. At one point I noticed I exhaled…think I was holding my breath. 

I was admitted and had my own room - which was spotless.  No one came in my room without complete gear on, and even gave me masks, gloves and a special gown for protection.  They could not have been more conscientious.  Everyone from the doctors, nurses, folks who delivered my food and cleaned my room were so careful, that I really relaxed and began to heal.  Talking to my family on the phone, it was me reassuring them not to worry.  I was in good hands and very safe.  Thank you to everyone who helped me.  Watching you all work together was an amazing thing to witness. I’m very grateful – you are pros. Please take care of yourselves.

Marjorie G.

Went to the Newton Medical Center ER two days ago (during COVID-19) and was made to feel very safe. The hospital and staff were phenomenal with isolation and social distancing protocols. I'm at a high risk for COVID-19 and even though I was told the ER was packed while I was there, I never saw another patient the entire time I was in the building. The entire staff was professional, compassionate and took great pains to keep me safe.

Johannah H.

My wife, Laura, and I just had our second daughter delivered at Overlook. We just wanted to reach out and let you all know what an absolutely amazing experience we ...had. It is not an exaggeration to say that every single staff member we encountered was enormously kind, hospitable and caring. As you can imagine, we were very concerned to have to be spending any time in a hospital at all with the awful COVID-19 pandemic gripping our society. I think it speaks volumes about the amazing treatment we received when I tell you that the virus was the furthest thing from our minds. We have a beautiful, happy and healthy new daughter. We will always be indebted to all of the staff we encountered and to strong management which makes such a scenario possible.

There were many folks who took care of us, but the nurses in particular were nothing short of brilliant. Samantha, Maria and Elisa were unbelievable, especially Jessica, the Overlook midwife who delivered our baby. Thank you all so much. God bless you all for being heroes for our country and for being heroes for our growing family. We owe it all to you.

Quinn H.

I was nervous to go to the Emergency Room when I knew it would be busy with COVID-19 patients, just to have a cut on my leg looked at. I'm also on blood thinners, so was even more worried. I called Hackettstown Medical Center to check if I should come and was reassured that I was in good hands. It was the best experience I've ever had. Even the follow up care for my laboratory and radiology appointments were outstanding.

Joanne R.

My dad was a COVID-19 patient at Chilton Medical Center for 13 days, so when I was experiencing excruciating stomach pains, I was fearful to go to the hospital because I saw the virus first hand. But, from the moment I walked into the Emergency Department the team made me feel safe and secure. Each team member took the appropriate protective measures for the safety of themselves and the patients. From cleaning the hand sanitizing pumps, to allowing only one patient in the hallway and testing area at a time. My dad and I are now recovering safely at home and are incredibly appreciative of the team members at Chilton Medical Center for being there when we needed them most.

Lauren B.

Before I had my procedure in March, I was worried what it would be like to have an operation and cancer treatment during a pandemic. However, a staff member at Overlook called me and told me exactly what to expect and walked me through the whole process--and that really reassured me. 

The staff was very good at communicating exactly what measures were being taken to protect me--from prescreening calls to make sure I was not at risk of having been exposed to Coronavirus myself, to a check-in process for each patient at entry, to everyone wearing masks and keeping as much social distance as possible. As I went in for a procedure at Overlook and to the Cancer Center at Morristown, I felt every step was being taken to keep me safe.

A couple of weeks ago, a close friend had a health issue and she was scared to go to the hospital. I told her about my experience and strongly encouraged her to go. The hospitals know how to keep patients safe, and your health is too important to put on hold. My cancer treatments started at the beginning of April, and now I'm on a path to healing. To have put off my treatment would have been really dangerous for me, so I'm extremely thankful to Atlantic Health (especially to Dr. Cherry, his staff and the infusion center staff) for helping me during a difficult time. I want everyone to know that the same quality of care I've received is waiting for them right now, if they need it.

Melanie C.

Thank you Morristown Medical Center Emergency Department!

As I approached the ED entrance in my car I was greeted by Security and by a nurse who asked me about my symptoms to determine which part of the Emergency Department I should enter.  A room was prepared for me and ED registration called me for details while I waited in the car.   Shortly thereafter a nurse transported me to an ED bay in a wheelchair that had been specially prepared to protect me from the environment.  The ED bay was completely sealed off from the rest of the department and whenever someone entered the room, they donned protective gear and washed their hands.  During the entire visit, which lasted about 5 hours, I felt completely safe from exposure to COVID-19.  All of the ED staff, including techs, nurses, residents, and attendings, projected competence, calm, and reassurance.  I was continually kept informed of what they were doing, why they were doing it, and what would happen next.  Even though I work for Atlantic Health System, being a patient can be frightening.  Whatever fears I had going to the ED were quickly reduced by the staff.  They are a wonderfully talented and warm bunch of humans beings.  We are lucky to have them in our community. 

Jeff L. 

A huge shout out to the entire L&D team and the amazing mother and baby unit at Morristown Medical Center who went above and beyond caring for my baby and myself. Their extreme professionalism warmth and love were deeply felt through the masks and necessary distancing. Our family is forever grateful for all what you did to ensure our well-being and safety! We send our love and gratitude to every single one who cared for us and we wish you all stay healthy and safe. 😷🙏

Dima E. 

After reading an email from Atlantic Health System assuring me the hospital was a safe place and I shouldn’t delay getting the care needed, I decided to schedule my mammogram and ultrasound at Chilton Medical Center. I was nervous, this would be my first time in a medical environment since the pandemic started. The team at Chilton’s Breast Center took all the necessary protective measures to make me feel confident that I was in a safe environment. I was very impressed and am thankful to the team for easing my concerns and making it a great experience.

Janet S.