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Because Every Moment is a Moment That Matters...

Every day, patients at Atlantic Health System are discovering that where you go for health care matters. In all of our specialties - heart care, cancer care, orthopedics, neuroscience, maternity or bariatrics - our medical experts ensure that those who come through our doors continue to have more of the moments that matter most to them.

Where You Go for Heart Care Matters

Walter's Story

Due to congestive heart failure, Walter N. received a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) – a minimally invasive procedure designed for patients with severe aortic stenosis who are not candidates for conventional valve repair surgery.

“I never thought about going any place else for treatment,” Walter explained. “Everyone at Morristown Medical Center was friendly and they all were extremely knowledgeable. I felt comfortable and safe as soon as I was brought there.”

Today, at age 97, Walter continues to be active in his grandchildren’s lives, attending their baseball games and music concerts.

Haley's Story

When Haley B. unexpectedly went into cardiac arrest, first responders used an AED provided in part by a generous donation from the Newton Medical Center Foundation to stabilize her heartbeat.  Atlantic Health System has since created Project Heartbeat, a program that helps provide our local communities with the training and equipment needed to save the lives of more patients like Haley.

Bill's Story

Bill is an active semi-retiree who enjoys hiking and kayaking, but thirty years of smoking finally took its toll when he experienced a dangerous type of heart attack, known as STEMI. Paramedics rushed him to Newton Medical Center, where he received the clot-busting drug called tPA to open his blocked arteries. They then transferred him to Morristown Medical Center for an interventional procedure that further corrected his blood flow. Not long after, he was back on the kayak and finally said goodbye to cigarettes.

Lynn's Story

Hairstylist Lynn M. enjoys getting to know her clients, so when one of them recommended Morristown Medical Center to correct her faulty heart valve, she readily took her advice. After meeting with our cardiovascular experts, she found she was a candidate for a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) clinical trial. This allowed her to avoid open-heart surgery and return to work in eight short days.

Tom tennis player

Tom's Story

As someone who stays fit and loves to play tennis, Tom D. never could have imaged suffering a heart attack during a match. Paramedics rushed him to Chilton Medical Center, where cardiologists implanted a mechanical heart pump – a service available at few community hospitals – to restore normal blood flow throughout his body. They then cleared his blocked arteries via an angioplasty. Today, Tom is back on the tennis court, knowing full well that might not have been possible without Atlantic Health System’s vast network of advanced heart care.

Where You Go for Cancer Care Matters

Megan's Story

Megan C. knew her thyroid cancer diagnosis could greatly affect her singing career. That's why she turned to Morristown Medical Center's cancer experts, who successfully performed endocrine surgery, allowing her to continue pursuing her dreams.

John's Story

When John E. learned he had a rare brain tumor, he chose to fight, but knowing he couldn't win this battle alone, he enlisted the help of the neurosurgeons at Overlook Medical Center. 

"I knew that I could trust Overlook with my life," says John. 

After surgical removal of the tumor and radiation treatments, John made a full recovery and today spreads his message of faith with others.

Deane's Story

An avid golfer, Deane D. wasn't about to let prostate cancer slow him down. His primary care doctor referred him to Overlook Medical Center, where he received the revolutionary CyberKnife radiosurgery and after just five treatments, was cancer free without any pain or side effects.

Tara's Story

At age 32 and a mother of two, Tara A. faced the unthinkable – a breast cancer diagnosis. She opted to have a double mastectomy at Chilton Medical Center, followed by chemotherapy, radiation therapy and reconstructive surgery. Tara and her family embraced every milestone during her recovery and have exciting plans for the future. 

"I have a beautiful life to live and I owe it all to Chilton," Tara says.

Where You Go for Orthopedics Matters

Charlene's Story

As a personal trainer, Charlene thought she understood the human body well enough, but when her own attempts at pain relief failed, she sought professional help. She eventually had both hips replaced eight months a part at Morristown Medical Center. Now, she is completely pain free and continues to inspire her clients with her remarkable recovery.

Stacey's Story

A life-long athlete who had grown tired of playing through pain, Stacey T. opted to have endoscopic spine surgery at Hackettstown Medical Center. This innovative procedure not only resulted in a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery, but also allowed Stacey to resume all of her sports.

“I used to have pain every single day and now, I rarely even take an over-the-counter pain medicine!" says Stacey.  "I can’t say enough good things about everyone involved in my care at Hackettstown Medical Center.”

Mickey's Story

Mickey S. has spent his life competing at a high level, so when his arthritic knee began to fail, he refused to give up running, despite the pain. As the races became increasingly more difficult, he turned to the orthopedic surgeons at Atlantic Health System, who planned a total joint replacement procedure that gave him the best chance of continuing to follow his passion.

Mickey says of his doctor, “He knew I would run, against his advice, and gave me a knee that would work for that.”

Michael plumber and spine patient

Michael's Story

Michael I. loves being a plumber, but his career was in jeopardy when a car accident injured his back. No longer able to bend over or sit for an extended period of time, he consulted the orthopedic specialists at Morristown Medical Center for help. They performed a spinal fusion procedure that restored Michael’s mobility and allowed him to resume work.

Where You Go for Neuroscience Matters

Barry greets woman

Barry's Story

Barry R. thought he knew all about the debilitating effects of strokes from his family history, but when he suffered one of his own at age 61, he learned just how far treatments had advanced. Thanks to telestroke technology and a medical team ready for his arrival at Overlook Medical Center, Barry received the clot-busting medicine tPA within just 14 minutes – a record for the hospital at that time and well within the 45-minute national standard.

Tim's Story

Diagnosed with a brain tumor as large as a grapefruit, Tim Mertz turned to the neurosurgical experts at Overlook Medical Center. They used cutting-edge technology to create a "road map" of his brain, which increased the chances of succesfully removing the cancer, followed by CyberKnife treatment. Within just five days, he was out of the hospital recovering and today shares his experience to help others coping with difficult medical decisions.

Lindsey's Story

Although it's rare for a 31-year-old to experience a stroke, doctors at Hackettstown Medical Center were quick to suspect that was the case with Lindsey S. When a CT scan and angiogram revealed a tear in her carotid artery, she was flown by medical helicopter to Overlook Medical Center's Stroke Center, where neurosurgeons performed a complex procedure that offered the best chance of survival. The surgery was a success and Lindsey quickly began to resume a normal life with her husband and two children.

Where You Go for Maternity Care Matters

Laura's Story

Laura’s pregnancy was going smoothly until the 30th week when her water broke. She headed straight for Overlook Medical Center, where three weeks later, she gave birth to premature twins.

“I would definitely recommend Overlook Medical Center to any of my friends who were expecting babies," says Laura. "I’m confident that they would be really happy with the care that they received.”

Where You Go for Bariatrics Care Matters

Kathleen's Story

Kathleen knew something had to change when playing with her children became too difficult because of her weight. She chose to undergo gastric sleeve surgery at Overlook Medical Center, which helped her lose 120 pounds. Now, she feels like a "new mom" and eagerly partakes in family bicycle rides.

Where You Go for Wound Care Matters

Daryl's Story

Firefighter Daryl R. is used to putting others first, often at the risk of his own well-being. However, when his uncontrolled diabetes resulted in a serious wound on his foot, he knew he could no longer deny there was a problem. On the advice of a fellow firefighter, he went to Overlook Wound Healing – Union Campus for expert care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Doctors there saved his foot and helped him better manage his diabetes.

Where You Go for Geriatric Care Matters

Daryl wound care patient

Nancy's Story

Nancy’s mother has lived in the same house in Morristown almost her entire life, but as she got older, her daughter became increasingly worried about her ability to stay there. So, Nancy turned to the team of geriatric specialists at the David and Joan Powell Center for Healthy Aging, who not only provided the unique medical care her mom required, but also made home safety recommendations to ensure her independence.