Wait times represent the average estimated length of time from registration to being assigned a "first provider" (a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant). Times displayed for Atlantic Health Systems are:

  • Reported as an average of wait times for the previous 2 hours of patients that have presented to the emergency department and have been seen by a provider
  • Refreshed at least every 15 minutes

Many circumstances can affect wait times - for example, patients arriving by ambulance or with life-threatening injuries or illnesses. Patients with severe conditions will be seen before those with less-serious problems or ailments. These times are provided for informational purposes only and cannot be guaranteed upon arrival.

Location Emergency Wait

Last Updated: Aug. 28, 2017 10:36 am

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Emergency Medicine Residency Alumni

Morristown Medical Center's Emergency Medicine Residency alumni include: 

Alumni  Year  Fellowship  Career   
Michael Connolly, MD 2017  Toxicology   Academic Program, NY  
David Cuthbert, MD      2017   Private Practice, USA  
Li Jia, MD 2017   Private Practice, KS  
Shama Patel, MD 2017 International Academic Program, NY  
Kenneth Rapp, MD 2017   Private Practice, USA  
Taylor Smith, MD 2017   Private Practice, FL  
Catherine Waggy, DO  2017   Academic Program, NC  
Kristen Castro 2016   Private Practice, OR  
Russell Chan 2016   Private Practice, NJ  
Daniel Fox 2016   Private Practice, New Zealand  
Li Jia  2016   Private Practice, KS  
Shaun Patterson 2016 EMS  Academic Program, NC  
Kaitlyn Reti 2016   Academic Practice, NC  
Michael Ruzek 2016   Private Practice, NJ  
James Seger 2016   Private Practice, NJ  
AJ Sikes 2016   Private Practice, TN  
Christopher Styles 2016   Private Practice, CA  
Patrick Wuthrich 2016   Private Practice, CA  
Kimberly Baldino 2015   Academic Practice, NC  
Sarah Campeas 2015   Private Practice, NJ  
Giuseppina Dazo  2015 Peds EM  Academic Practice, NY  
Kathryn Frankel 2015 Ultrasound  Academic Program, NJ  
Andrew Graziano 2015 Ultrasound  Academic Program, NJ  
Peter Lee 2015   Private Practice, NJ  
Elias Matta 2015 Peds EM  Academic Practice, NJ  
Kerrie Tidwell 2015   Private Practice, MD  
Patrick Zimmerman 2015   Academic Practice, NY  
Kevin Edwards 2014   Private Practice, FL  
Michelle Dieter 2014   Private Practice, CA  
David Feldman 2014 EMS  Academic Program, NJ  
Jennifer Goebel 2014   Private Practice, NY  
Narissa Small 2014   Private Practice, NY  
Lindsay VanPelt  2014   Private Practice, NJ  
Scott Alter 2013 EMS Academic Practice, NC     
Lisa Clayton 2013  EMS Academic Practice, NJ  
Lydia Kasper 2013    Private Practice, NJ  
Patrick Lenehan 2013  Ultrasound  Academic Practice, CA  
Safiya Lyn-Lassiter 2013    Private Practice, FL  
Brian Rapp 2013    Private Practice, NJ  
Bryce Shedlock 2013    Private Practice, FL  
Ruwan Ekanayake 2012    Private Practice, CA  
Ashyley Flannery 2012  Peds EM  Academic Practice, NJ  
Elizabeth Gualandi 2012    Private Practice, AZ  
Sidhant Nagrani 2012  Sports Medicine  Academic Practice, NY  
Kevin Schulz 2012  EMS  Academic Practice, TX  
Christian Spano 2012    Private Practice, NY  
Stephen VanPelt 2012    Academic Practice, NJ  
Andrew Youssouf 2012    Private Practice, NJ  
Alex Bray 2011    Private Practice, NY  
Stephen Coltharp 2011    Private Practice, FL  
Siama Tariq    2011    Academic Program, NJ  
Ofer Faig 2011    Private Practice, TX  
Sophia Gee 2011    Private Practice, CT  
Chiraag Gupta 2011    Private Practice, PA  
Alfredo Tapia 2011  Ultrasound  Academic Practice, NJ  
Courtney Bloomer 2011    Private Practice, NJ  
David Castillo 2010    Academic Practice, NJ  
Fritzgerald Estinfa 2010    Academic Practice, NJ  
Antonio Grasso  2010    Private Practice, NJ  
Joe Orloski 2010    Private Practice, FL  
William Sproule    2010  EMS  Academic Practice, NJ  
Bonnie Wreschner 2010    Private Practice, NJ  
Vincent Canabal 2009    Private Practice, NJ  
Howard Felderman 2009  EMS Medical Director  Academic Practice, NJ  
Jeffrey Luk 2009  EMS  Academic Practice, OH  
Jonathan Pierce 2009    Academic Practice, MA  
Paul Porter 2009    Academic Practice, CT  
McKenzie Savidge 2009    Private Practice, MA  
David Sturm 2009    Private Practice, FL  
Alex Toledo 2009  Pediatric Emergency  Academic Practice, TX  
Mei Chan 2008    Private Practice, NJ  
Ben Cooperman 2008    Private Practice, MD  
Stacey Feinstein 2008  Emergency Ultrasound  Academic Practice, MD  
Jamie Morales 2008    Academic Practice, NJ  
Matthew Partrick 2008  Hyperbaric Medicine  Academic Practice, FL  
Christopher Peart 2008    Private Practice, CA  
Steven Shih 2008  EMS  Academic Practice, CA  
Kimberly Finley 2007    Private Practice, FL  
Paul Jondro 2007    Private Practice, MA  
Nima Majilesi 2007  Toxicology  Academic Practice, NY  
Lisa Reedman 2007  Pediatric Emergency  Academic Practice, NJ  
Joseph Talotta  2007    Private Practice, NJ  
Alex Troncoso    2007  EMS  Academic Practice, NJ  
Bonnie Riportella 2007    Private Practice, VA  
Paul Dohrenwend 2006    Private Practice, CA  
Gene Lee 2006    Private Practice, CA  
Robert Levy 2006  EMS  Academic Practice, NY  
Fernando Lopez 2006  Ultrasound  Academic Practice, Duke, NC  
Victor Maroun 2006  EMS  Academic Practice,  NJ  
Jean Readie 2006    Private Practice, NJ  
Peter Alamia 2005  Ultrasound  Academic Practice, NJ  
Martin Clement  2005    Private Practice, NJ  
Elizabeth Junker 2005    Academic Practice, NJ  
Rachna Saxena 2005    Private Practice, NJ  
Shon Sidransky 2005    Private Practice, CA  
Brian Walsh 2005  EMS  Academic Program, NJ  
Damon Dell'Aglio 2004  Toxicology  Academic Practice, Emory, GA  
Ann-Jeannette Geib 2004  Toxicology  Academic Practice, NJ  
Steven Hochman 2004    Academic Practice, NJ  
Farhan Khan 2004    Private Practice, TX  
Jeffrey Kleinberg 2004  Ultrasound  Academic Practice, CT  
Tammi Schaeffer 2004  Toxicology  Academic Practice, ME  
David Adinaro 2003    Academic Practice, NJ  
Miriam Anannab 2003    Private Practice, NJ  
Jason Begue 2003  Critical Care  Academic Practice, AL  
Marc Bornstein 2003    Academic Practice, NJ  
John Kashani 2003  Toxicology  Academic Practice, NJ  
Erin Reardon 2003    Private Practice, DE  
Deepak Chandwani 2002  Ultrasound  Academic Practice, CA  
Bill Holubek 2002  Toxicology  Academic Practice, NY  
Bliss McClister 2002    Private Practice, NJ  
Sameer Mehta    2002    Private Practice, VA  
Hetal Patel 2002  Ultrasound  Academic Practice, NJ  
Au Phan 2002    Private Practice, NJ  
Donald Alves 2001  EMS  Academic Practice, MD  
Andy Beauboeuf 2001    Private Practice, NH  
Frederick Fiesseler 2001    Academic Practice, NJ  
Bob Greaves 2001    Private Practice, NJ  
Robert Kec 2001    Private Practice, AZ  
Zachary Phelps 2001    Private Practice, NJ  
Rodney Biglow 2000    Private Practice, MD  
Daniel Edwards 2000    Academic Practice, NJ  
Dennis Laird 2000  Pediatrics  Academic Practice, CT  
Allison Lam 2000    Private Practice, NJ  
Paul Strait 2000    Private Practice, ME  
Jason Winslow    2000  EMS & Disaster Planning  Academic Practice, NY