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Resident Testimonials

Read what Overlook Medical Center's current family medicine residents have to say about themselves and their experiences:

Charles Becker, MD

"It is too difficult to mention all of the strengths of the Overlook Family Medicine in one blurb, so I will choose to focus on the people that make it up. Whether it be office staff, faculty physicians, or co-residents, my day is made better by interacting with these wonderful people. There is a true sense of community here at Overlook Family Medicine, and everyone pitches in to create a one of a kind learning environment. I am very glad to have chosen this program, and look forward to the day where I can put into practice all I've learned." – Charles Becker, MD, PGY3

Adonis Cheng, DO

"Dedicated faculty and staff, great resident dynamics and well-being, opportunities program and hospital system wide, location and community, sports medicine and osteopathic medicine – just a few of the many features that drew me into Overlook Family Medicine.  I believe that Overlook will provide me the clinical and administrative experiences necessary in developing the skills to be a great family physician.  One aspect of the residency program that truly stood out to me were the residents – the tight knit, genuine support and comradery between the classes and are always ready to help each other out.  I am glad to be part of this family!" - Adonis Cheng, DO, PGY1

Nick Florio, MD

“I grew up in the suburbs of New York, studied chemistry at Iona College, and attended Stony Brook School of Medicine. Participating in the couples match, I applied and interviewed very broadly but knew that I wanted to remain close to family. It was my interview day that clearly set this program apart from others, a combination of the faculty and residents, patient population, office space, procedure exposure, and location. I knew by matching at Overlook I would gain the skills necessary to be a great family physician. In my spare time, I enjoy catching up with friends and family, hiking, cycling and indoor rock climbing.” – Nick Florio, MD, PGY3

Morli Ghandi, DO

"I was born and raised in Central Jersey in Iselin. I went to Rutgers University for my undergraduate degree and proceeded to venture out into the Pittsburgh area at LECOM for medical school. Overlook gave me the opportunity to come back home to New Jersey. After deciding I wanted to become a Family Medicine physician, I looked for a program that functioned as a family as well. The resident and staff support at Overlook gives me confidence to charter into new territories. Apart from work, I enjoy dancing, cooking, and reading historical fiction. " – Morli Gandhi, DO, PGY2

"Born and raised in South Jersey and part of the inaugural class of Cooper Medical School, I am happy to continue my education locally. As an unusual resident, having completed my first year as a transitional resident in California, I have been warmly welcomed into the family and could not imagine a more supportive environment both within family medicine and among the other residents in the hospital. I have interests in Wilderness Medicine and Ultrasound and have found that the program director and faculty are very receptive to new ideas and willing to do whatever they can to help me reach my goals. Living in North Jersey has been a great experience thus far, having been able to camp at High Point State Park one weekend and spend the next in the urban jungle of NYC. If you want to learn to emphasize continuity of care, education, and wellness then I recommend you check out Overlook for yourself." - Kathryn Gussman, MD, PGY-2

Tyler Holsapple, MD

"I grew up on a grain and animal farm in Southern Illinois. I took my time getting into medicine as a career after undergrad. I went to the University of Illinois at Urbana for medical school. I then settled on family medicine as a specialty. I applied all over, but my interview at Overlook was definitely the one that stuck in my mind. The people were the major draw for me. The residents were all comfortable with each other and the faculty. Everyone also seemed very knowledgeable. I knew that I would receive good training as an family medicine doctor at Overlook." - Tyler Holsapple, MD, PGY-1

Alyssa Huncken, MD

“After growing up in New Jersey, I received my bachelor of science degree in psychology from Fordham University and my MD from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Knowing that I wanted to stay in New Jersey for residency, I was so excited to find Overlook Family Medicine. The supportive nature of the faculty and enthusiasm of the residents made it an easy top choice. I am so lucky to have found a program I love that is close to family and enjoy spending my free time cooking and eating with the people I love!” – Alyssa Huncken, MD, PGY2

Lauren Im, DO

“I was born and raised in Texas before moving to New Jersey to start my residency program. I went to Baylor University for my undergraduate studies (Sic ‘em Bears) and then went to University of North Texas Health Science Center for medical school. Moving here, although hard, was made much easier by my wonderful co-residents. I chose this program because of the supportive staff and the numerous opportunities it provided for me to learn and grow not just as a physician but also as a compassionate and caring person. Residency is hard, no matter where you go, but it is so much better when you love where you work and you feel genuinely cared for by the people you work with.” – Lauren Im, DO, Chief Resident, PGY3

James Kostek, DO

“I was raised in Buffalo, NY, went to SUNY Buffalo for undergraduate, and then came to New York City to attend Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. When looking for a family medicine program I knew I wanted to be close to the city, but also be part of a program that valued and encouraged incorporating osteopathic principles into a family practice setting. Overlook was my first “audition” rotation of my fourth year of school and from that month I never wanted to leave. The sense of support and community that the entire staff offers is something I had never experienced before and what solidified my decision to come to Overlook. In my spare time you can find me in Manhattan at a Broadway show!” - James Kostek, DO, PGY2

Kristen Lafferty, DO

“I am originally from Staten Island, NY, and after attending medical school in Florida I knew it was important for me to be closest to home where my family and friends currently reside. Aside from proximity to home, I was looking for a program with friendly, happy, supportive members and ample opportunities to explore my interests namely sports medicine and global health. Overlook was the perfect match for me and my educational goals. In my spare time I like visiting family and friends, exercising, watching football and hockey, and reading a great book for leisure.” – Kristen Lafferty, DO, PGY3

Mary Lare, DO

I was raised in southern New Jersey, studied biology at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and attended medical school at Rowan SOM. I completed a rotation at Overlook Family Medicine as a fourth year medical student, and was very impressed by the leadership, supportive environment, and camaraderie between not only the resident team, but the entire office. It truly feels like a family here, and I feel very lucky to be part of such a great residency program. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, going to the beach, and spending time with family.  –Mary Lare, DO, PGY1

Sarah Levy, DO

“I was born and raised on Long Island, then shook things up a bit and attended McGill University in Montreal, Canada, majoring in psychology and world religions. After deciding to pursue medicine and completing my post baccalaureate coursework, I attended TouroCOM-Middletown. What struck me immediately about Overlook was the genuine kindness and camaraderie of the program, and I continue to be amazed with how well supported the residents and their varied interests are. “ - Sarah Levy, DO, PGY1

Melissa Melendez, DO

"Having taken the scenic route to medicine I have travelled many paths. I served in the military and worked in other fields prior to my graduation from Rowan SOM. I believe Overlook Family Medicine is a model program for family practice and residency. The environment is better than one could imagine. My favorite quality is the friendliness of all personnel. It truly makes a difference! The program faculty and staff go above and beyond to make you feel welcomed, make time for Resident learning and skill building. The fact that the clinic is adjacent to the hospital is a major bonus! I look forward to all of the possibilities of the program. There's ample opportunity to explore your favorite parts of family medicine, do research and more! In my free time I enjoy familytime, fishing and hiking." – Melissa Melendez, DO, PGY2

Michael Ngai, MD

"I was born in Hong Kong, but I'm a Texas native as I grew up in Houston since I was 4 years old. I went to Washington University in St. Louis for undergrad, and returned to Texas for medical school at UT Southwestern. It was not my first time to leave home, but moving across the country was still a big decision. However, Overlook Family Medicine made it an easy choice. With our long history in training excellent family medicine doctors to the strong leadership within the institution, Overlook Family Medicine not only has a culture of training capable and independent physicians but also a culture of fostering humanity and well-being within our residency and beyond. This residency truly cares for us, the residents, to ensure that we become the best family physicians that we can, and all the while keeping a smile on our faces all along the way." - Michael Ngai, MD, PGY1

Natalie Rivera, DO

“I am originally from central New Jersey, but my educational journey led me to Philadelphia where I completed my undergraduate degree at Drexel University, and then medical school at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. I also worked for a couple of years at Thomas Jefferson Hospital in south Philadelphia. I have a two- year old daughter, a miniature dachshund, and have been happily married for four years now. My hobbies include singing, writing poetry, and cooking. What originally attracted me to Overlook’s family medicine residency program was their passion for education and their caring atmosphere. Everyone at Overlook from staff to faculty felt like family, and it just felt right. From the first day I started I have felt supported and cared for. I consider myself lucky to be a member of my residency class and I look forward to learning as much as I can on this journey.” – Natalie Rivera, DO, PGY2

Gabrielle Samuels, DO

"I grew up on Long Island, attended college at the University of Pittsburgh, and medical school at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in Harlem. I am drawn to the depth and breadth of knowledge and practice in family medicine. What impressed me about Overlook Family Medicine was the autonomy residents are given over their patients from the get-go. We learn to take ownership of our decision making while under the guidance of constant support from amazing faculty and seniors. In addition, just as a family physician individualizes care to each patient, OFM individualizes training to each resident, allowing for areas of leadership and personal development where each of our interests lie. There is a true sense of family here." – Gabrielle Samuels, DO, Chief Resident, PGY3

Mitalie B. Shah, MD

"I was originally born in Dubai, raised in India and moved to USA specifically to New Jersey in 2000. I have done my bachelors and masters at Rutgers University out here. I took about five years off before getting into Albany Medical College. In my third year, I was blessed enough to do a rotation in family medicine at an IRS site in Zuni, New Mexico, where I was exposed to the broad spectrum scope of family medicine. I ended up choosing family medicine for the sole reason of being able to treat patients in their entirety plus not just focusing on the chief complaint that they present with. This specialty gives me an opportunity to connect with not only my patients but also take care of their families and be able to provide quality healthcare from the beginning. I chose Overlook because they provide ample amount of support, would give me lots of opportunities to train as a family medicine doctor in various different environments and provide me with an excellent training to become a family medicine provider in any place that I want to practice in future. In my free time, I love spending time with my family, venturing out in the city, writing motivational blogs, working out, cooking recipes with an Indian twist to it and being passionate in order to try every single tea at a new cafe that I discover." - Mitalie B. Shah, MD, PGY1

Katherine Triplett, DO,

“I grew up in San Diego, California, earned my bachelor degree at UCSD, and moved to Manhattan to attend Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. I was convinced that Overlook was the right fit for me as soon as I interviewed here. No other program was filled with such supportive faculty and amazing educational opportunities. Along with primary care, I am very interested in pursuing a sports medicine fellowship. In my spare time, I love to explore Manhattan and try new restaurants. I truly could not be any happier with my choice to continue my medical training at Overlook!” – Katherine Triplett, DO, PGY3

Timothy Tsai, DO

“For me, the most important characteristics of a program to consider are resident culture and opportunities for healthcare innovation. The overwhelming consensus amongst the residents I interacted with is that this is a family culture where residents communicate and are supportive. As a RowanSOM graduate and NJ resident, a personal ambition of mine is to become a physician leader in healthcare innovation. To accomplish this goal, I want to learn in a conducive environment such as Atlantic ACO which will provide me with every opportunity to learn from leaders in medicine. I balance these career goals with golf, volleyball, TED talks, outdoor activities, and trying new restaurants!” – Timothy Tsai, DO, PGY2

Peter Vitale, DO

"I was born and raised on Staten Island, New York, studied biochemistry at Iona College in Westchester, and then went on to medical school at NYIT-COM.  Family medicine, for me, is the purest form of medicine: caring for all the aspects of a patient- from birth onward.  When I was looking at programs, I really focused on how I felt with the people I interacted with.  I was fortunate enough to find a place I felt comfortable at in Overlook and the amazing people that are here.   At Overlook, faculty, staff, and current residents treat you like family from day one, and as a result, there is a natural, nurturing environment where you can quickly grow as a physician.  In my spare time, I enjoy working on and observing my home reef aquarium." - Peter Vitale, DO, PGY1

Long Qin Wang, MD

“I am originally from China and spent a majority of my time living in NYC. I studied biology at Syracuse University and medicine at SUNY Downstate. I wanted to choose a program that can help me succeed as a family physician and also let me balance my work and my personal life with my wife and two kids. Overlook family medicine residency is wonderful in that regard, because of the amazing people in the program, the supportive culture and the abundance of clinical opportunities for professional growth. The surrounding areas of the hospital are very family-friendly, as there are many parks, hiking trails, a nice downtown area, and easy access to the beach, amusement parks and major cities such as Philadelphia and NYC. I believe my family will have a good time here with me! Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, traveling, photography, table tennis, and hanging out with family and friends. - Long Qin Wang, MD, PGY2