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Bariatric surgery is recognized by the American Heart Association and the American College of Surgeons and endorsed by the National Institutes of Health as a safe way to help people lose weight and minimize or even eliminate diabetes and hypertension, sometimes within months.

At Atlantic Health’s Bariatric Surgery Program, our surgeons are experts in laparoscopic bariatric surgery using the most advanced techniques that result in more rapid recovery for our patients.

Bariatric Surgery Options

Atlantic Health’s Bariatric Surgery Program is not a quick fix and those who qualify must be dedicated to life-long medical follow-up, daily vitamin supplementation and changes in eating behaviors. Patients should be aware of all major risks and complications and remember that optimal results will only be obtained by following their specific diet restrictions.

Our center’s bariatric surgical options include: 


Chilton Medical Center

Hackettstown Medical Center

Newton Medical Center

Overlook Medical Center – Medical Arts Center (MAC) I

Morristown Medical Center Outpatient Medicine

Request our free, bariatric surgery on-demand webinar or more information on metabolic medical weight loss. 

For North American residents only.