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Gastric bypass surgery is a restrictive-malabsorptive procedure, meaning it not only limits the volume of food that can be eaten, but also decreases the absorption of fat and calories.

During the operation, a surgeon will use staples to divide the stomach into a smaller upper half and larger lower half. Next, the smaller section or pouch is connected directly to the small intestine. As a result, patients feel full after eating less. Gastric bypass surgery is available at Morristown, Overlook, Hackettstown and Chilton medical centers.


Chilton Medical Center

Hackettstown Medical Center

Newton Medical Center

Overlook Medical Center – Medical Arts Center (MAC) I

Morristown Medical Center Outpatient Medicine

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My life is easier than it was before thanks to the gastric bypass surgery I had at Morristown Medical Center.

Robert DeGast, gastric bypass surgery patient at Morristown Medical Center