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Five Atlantic Health System doctors answer a series of commonly asked questions about bariatric surgery. Learn more about who can qualify, what to expect and how it could change your life.

Making the Decision

How do I know if bariatric surgery is right for me?

How do you determine a good candidate for surgery? (lifestyle, social, nutritional habits)

How do you determine if a patient qualifies for bariatric surgery?

If I can lose weight on my own, why should I go through surgery?

What are long term benefits of surgery?

Learning About Bariatric Surgery

What kinds of tests will I need to take to be approved for surgery?

How do you determine which type of surgery is best for each patient?

What are some of the obesity-related conditions that would qualify me for surgery?

Does surgery cure other diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure?

What is the recovery process like?

Is bariatric surgery covered by health insurance?

Is there a correlation between COVID-19 and obesity?

Surgery Specifics

Do I have to diet before surgery? How long?

How long should I take off work post-surgery?

How soon can my health improve after surgery?

Will I have to take vitamins after surgery and for how long?

What effect does bariatric surgery have on metabolism?

Life After Surgery

How much weight will I typically lose the first month after surgery?

Will I have to continue to diet and exercise after my surgery?

Can I drink alcohol after having surgery?

How soon after surgery can I get pregnant?

What is recovery like after surgery?

When is it ok to have sexual relations post-surgery?

Does smoking preclude me from having surgery?

I know my eating habits will be different after surgery, will my sense of taste be different as well?

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