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It’s natural to feel a sense of urgency when diagnosed with breast cancer, but most doctors recommend that patients take some extra time to weigh their options and choose the treatment that’s right for them. That’s why the Atlantic Health System Cancer Care created a Breast Cancer Second Opinion Program that educates and empowers patients, so they fully understand their diagnosis and consider all possible care options.

Breast cancer patient discussing the second opinion program

This unique service brings together all of the specialists needed in one convenient visit, which means less trips to various doctors’ offices and more information to make an educated health care decision. Additional benefits of a second opinion include:

  • New or improved understanding of the diagnosis, including the type and stage of breast cancer
  • Additional perspectives regarding care plans
  • Expanded treatment options, such as access to the latest therapies and clinical trials
  • Confidence in the care team’s recommendations

What to Expect When Receiving a Second Opinion

Our second opinion program features a private visit with one or more of our physicians and a consultation with a group of breast specialists all in one day. This may include a breast surgeon and a breast nurse navigator, as well as experts from pathology, radiology, plastic surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology and genetic counseling. Together, they will discuss the diagnosis, review test results, address questions and concerns, and develop a personalized treatment plan.

Newly-diagnosed breast cancer patients, as well as those who may be facing a recurrence or entering another phase of treatment, are eligible for the Breast Cancer Second Opinion Program. Loved ones are also welcome to attend.

Please note that while most insurance companies extend coverage for second opinions, we recommend that patients check with their provider to verify the plan’s benefits before scheduling an appointment.

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