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Bob's Story

Bob L. and his son smiling after Bob's recovery from COVID-19

In April, 62-year-old Sparta, NJ resident Bob L. was fatigued, had a cough and was not eating. He had a 102-degree fever for eight days, with sweating and chills – shivering throughout the night. Then he lost his sense of taste and smell. But he thought he could ride it out at home.

Family Love and Advice

“My family kept pushing me to go see my doctor. On April 19, my wife and my children pleaded with me to make an appointment – so I did. On April 20, my doctor examined me and said due to my symptoms I needed to get to the hospital immediately.” Bob chose to go directly to Newton Medical Center.

Newton Medical Center Employs ‘Living Angels’

Bob immediately received critical attention – everything from continuous nursing care, heart monitoring, available oxygen, compassion and even coffee at 3:00 am.

“I was awake; I rang the buzzer for the nurse, whose name was Kristine. I asked her for a coffee. Kristine came back with the coffee and brought me some graham crackers. She sat down and talked to me. She said to me that I was going to be OK. She told me that I was going to beat this and not to give up. I know she had a lot of work to do and other patients to see, but she stayed with me and helped me feel better. A living angel,” Bob remarks.

“The nurses and everyone on 2 West always had a smile on their faces and always a kind word, no matter what the time of day,” says Bob. “They were always saying, ‘What can I get you? How can I help you?’ They encouraged me to keep fighting the virus and made sure I was comfortable all the time.”

All of Bob’s children were born at Newton, and he experienced equally good care more than 27 years ago when his first was born. He also had some minor surgery done at the hospital and knew it was the place to go if you were ill.

Physicians Prepared for COVID-19

Gina Marie Fioriti, DO, visited Bob every day. His recovery plan was taking hold and by April 24, his symptoms had decreased. “My breathing improved, and I got better day after day. With the work of Dr. Fioriti and the grace of God, I am here today,” Bob says gratefully.

Dr. Fioriti visited Bob in the morning. She said, “Can you get a ride home? If things keep going the way they are going, you can be released on Monday.” Bob was feeling better and made plans to go home. “Dr. Fioriti and her consistent attention basically saved my life. What a wonderful person and dedicated physician,” says Bob.

“It would have been easy for them to give up on me. But they didn’t,” Bob exclaims. “I can never thank the doctors and nurses enough for sticking with me and winning the fight against this virus. I owe you my life, and I am forever grateful.”

Bob advises that if you are choosing a hospital because you are having a baby, minor surgery or facing a disease, Newton Medical Center should be your choice for care.

“Newton Medical Center saved my life. They have to be the best to beat this disease. From the doctors and nurses, to the cleaning and food service, they knew how to take care of a very sick person and how to make me physically and emotionally well. I am forever grateful,” says Bob.