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Patient Portals

One Patient, One Record, One Atlantic Health System

In 2018, we transitioned our hospitals and medical offices to a new electronic medical records system called Epic. We encourage you to sign up for Epic's patient portal, MyChart. Learn more about our transition >

Patient portals offer our patients the convenience of managing their Atlantic Health System medical information from anywhere at any time. We provide several secure online environments* for this purpose – My ChartAtlantic Health Connect, and Hackettstown Patient Portal.

Services vary, but most of our patient portals allow patients to:

  • View health records, including lab results and medication and immunization histories
  • Request an appointment for some hospital and physician practice services
  • Refill prescriptions from a physician practice
  • Pay hospital or physician practice bills
  • Access discharge instructions and patient education materials
  • Communicate electronically with physician practice staff


This patient portal is a feature of our new, fully-connected electronic medical records system, Epic. Patients receiving care at any Atlantic Health System location – including Atlantic Medical Group physician practices, Chilton Medical Center, Hackettstown Medical Center, Morristown Medical Center, Newton Medical Center and Overlook Medical Center – can use MyChart for an up-to-date view of their online medical record.*

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Call 1-800-205-9911 for 24/7 customer support.

Atlantic Health Connect

Part of Jersey Health Connect, this patient portal provides an historical view of your care at Chilton, Morristown, Newton and Overlook medical centers.**

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Hackettstown Medical Center Patient Portal

This older patient portal supports patients of Hackettstown Medical Center who visited the hospital for services prior to September 30, 2018. For current visit dates, please register for MyChart.

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About Our Transition

In 2018, we transitioned our hospitals and medical offices to one single, fully-connected electronic medical records system called Epic. By combining our medical records systems, your health information from Atlantic Health System will all be in one place.

As part of this transition process, we have consolidated our patient portals. Your Atlantic Health System doctors all have access to the same medical records and you have the convenience of using one portal for all your primary and specialty care communication needs.* To improve your experience, we preload your MyChart account with previous visit information, including the past year of lab results so you can see your history in one place, too.

Do I have to sign up for MyChart?

You will need to sign up for MyChart if you would like to access your medical information and communicate with your care team online. You will no longer be able to send or receive messages, request prescription refills or view new test results in any of our previous patient portals.

When did the change occur?

Since Atlantic Health System medical centers have made the transition, new medical information in your record has been sent to MyChart and does not appear in any of our previous patient portals.**

February 4, 2018

Chilton Medical Center, Overlook Medical Center and Goryeb Children’s Center at Overlook

June 3, 2018

Morristown Medical Center and Goryeb Children’s Hospital

September 30, 2018

Hackettstown Medical Center and Newton Medical Center

* You may not be able to send messages to your doctor, request appointments and prescriptions refills, or access all your medical information until your complete care team has fully transitioned to MyChart. Certain medical information may need to be reviewed by your doctor before being available in your MyChart account. 

** As the platform powering Jersey Health Connect, Atlantic Health Connect will continue to receive updates from your medical record. The largest and most comprehensive Health Information Exchange (HIE) in the state of New Jersey, the Jersey Health Connect network allows care team members outside of Atlantic Health System to coordinate your best care.