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Center for Advanced Medicine in Pediatrics

At Goryeb Children’s Hospital, we understand that kids with complicated illnesses require highly-specialized treatment that addresses all aspects of their disease – from social issues to family support and long-term care.

That’s why we have the Farris Family Center for Advanced Medicine in Pediatrics (CAMP), the first of its kind in New Jersey, which provides younger patients with comprehensive care in a warm, family-focused environment.

CAMP addresses complexities associated with the following pediatric specialties:

What’s more, behavioral health specialists; including a psychologist, social worker and psychiatrist; are available to help our patients and their families cope with a chronic illness.

Inflammatory Disease Center

Children with inflammatory diseases; such as Crohn’s disease, juvenile arthritis and lupus; receive diagnostic and treatment services in a multidisciplinary environment that encourages the development of the most effective and efficient care. Eligible patients are also able to participate in clinical trials.

Long-Term Follow-Up Program for Pediatric Oncology

Pediatric patients who have or had cancer are monitored so that any issues that arise as a result of their condition or related treatment; including heart, cognitive and neurological problems; can be quickly addressed. What’s more, our physicians work to find ways to reduce the side effects of cancer therapies without diminishing their effectiveness.

Multidisciplinary Programs

CAMP’s specialists collaborate on the best course of treatment for children with craniofacial, spasticity and gait disorders. Patients’ families are invited to be active members of the care team and participate in the decision making process. To make an appointment, please call the individual pediatric specialty or department directly.


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