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Leaders in Cancer You Need to Know

At Atlantic Health System, we continue building a strong, comprehensive Cancer Care Network. Not brick by brick. Because great cancer care is about more than just buildings.

It’s about who's inside those buildings that matters most. It’s about breakthrough oncologists with extensive experience in the treatment and research of every kind of cancer. It’s about treatments that address every patient’s needs, not just now, but in the future as well. It’s about compassionate supportive teams, leading edge technologies, and patients having early access to promising therapies through clinical trials.

You build a great cancer care network doctor by doctor, researcher by researcher, and you never finish. That’s why we’ve spent years doing this amazing work, which has captured the attention of the very best talent in cancer care both locally and from top cancer centers all over. They bring unprecedented knowledge and expertise to us and to our patients. They go beyond where cancer care is now to where it will be. And that too will never stop.

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Where You Go for Cancer Care Matters

Atlantic Medical Group provides high-quality,multispecialty medical care with more than 1,000 health care specialists and 300 locations throughout northern and central New Jersey, and northeast Pennsylvania.