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Cancer Survivorship at Atlantic Medical Oncology

“Getting back to normal” after cancer treatment can feel like you are entering a whole new world. There are many uncertainties: such as what to eat; how to adjust to returning to work; and the fear of a recurrence.
Cancer survivors hiking
At Atlantic Medical Oncology, we will help you with these lifestyle changes and will continue to support you and your loved ones in the years following your cancer treatment. We have a tremendous network of resources for whatever follow-up care you need – whether it is psychological or clinical, regarding fertility concerns, or dealing with any long-term side effects of cancer treatment.
Periodically, you will meet with our board-certified oncologists who will assess your progress and make recommendations to improve your health.

Cancer Survivorship Locations


89 Sparta Avenue

Sparta Health & Wellness, Suite 207

Sparta, NJ 07871

Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm