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nurse doing a finger stick test

The Anticoagulation Clinic at Morristown Cardiology Associates is a medical facility that manages anticoagulation medications, monitors patients’ blood levels, and optimizes anticoagulation therapy by using specific dosing and educating patients.

I always have a thorough exam and discussion with Dr Fisch. He's been my cardiologist for 18 years and I have full confidence in his abilities. The nurses and staff are always considerate and professional.

Patient of Arthur Fisch, MD

What is Jantoven or Warfarin?

Anticoagulation is typically monitored using Jantoven or Warfarin which is a blood thinning medication. Jantoven or Warfarin requires extensive monitoring and management, and it is monitored by performing a blood test called the international normalized ratio (INR).  Depending on certain factors, there is an ideal therapeutic INR range for each patient.  The INR should be checked regularly to ensure proper treatment.

Existing patients of Morristown Cardiology physicians who have been prescribed anticoagulants must make an appointment to have their INR test done and medications adjusted. After the INR is done, results are communicated to patients' managing cardiologists and primary care physicians. Our nurses provide one-on-one education and counseling regarding medication management.

Learn more about safety considerationspossible side effectsmedication interactions, and anticoagulant therapy medications.

I was very nervous about seeing a cardiologist but I was put at rest with Dr. Nazir. It was the best experience ever, he really listened to me. I highly recommend him.

Patient of Nazir Savji, MD