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At Atlantic Health System’s wound healing centers, we believe that successful wound treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation. At the first appointment, which may take one to two hours, our staff will carefully examine the wound and the overall health status of the patient. Blood samples and other simple tests may be necessary to gather as much information as possible. 

Doctor explains wound treatment

Based on the results, our team of physicians and nurses will work with primary care physicians to develop a customized treatment plan. This typically includes a series of appointments at one of our wound centers, where special dressings and bandages are applied. In some cases, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) may also be prescribed to speed wound healing. Progress is carefully monitored using photographs and measurements of the wound on a week-by-week basis and adjustments are made as necessary.

In addition, we provide instructions for caring for wounds at home. Patients are taught how to change bandages, protect the wound from further injury and use diet and exercise to speed recovery and prevent recurrence. If assistance from a visiting nurse is necessary, our team can make the appropriate arrangements.

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