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Patient-Centered Care at Chatham Family Medicine

At Chatham Family Medicine, we are committed to evidence-based, patient-centered medical care that creates long-term relationships between our physicians and our patients. In fact, we have received Joint Commission Primary Care Medical Home (PCM) Certification.

Based on the PCMH core principles, our practice's philosophy includes:

  • Personal physician: Each patient has an ongoing relationship with a personal physician trained to provide first contact, as well as continuous and comprehensive care.
  • Physician-directed medical practice: The personal physician leads a team of individuals at the practice level who collectively take responsibility for the ongoing care of patients.
  • Whole-person orientation: Our patients choose a personal physician who is responsible for providing all of the patient's health care needs or appropriately arranging care with other qualified professionals, continuously over time. This includes care for all stages of life – acute care, chronic care, preventive services and end-of-life care.
  • Coordinated, integrated care: Patients receive care when and where they need or want it in a manner that is appropriate to their culture and language throughout any stage of their health care.
  • Quality and safety are the foundation of the medical home and have many critical components in patient care.
    • Practices advocate for their consumers to support patient-centered outcomes that are driven by a partnership among physicians, patients and their families.
    • Patients actively participate in decision-making and feedback is sought to ensure their expectations are being met.
    • Patients and families participate in quality improvement activities at the practice level.
  • Enhanced access to care: Open scheduling, expanded hours and new options for communication among patients, their personal physician and practice staff make accessing health care easier.
  • Patient advisory groups: To ensure that we continue to meet your medical needs, we conduct occasional feedback meetings with patients. Your experiences and suggestions provide valuable input that helps shape how we work with you.
  • Health information technology: Our practice has fully electronic office medical records to ensure the highest levels of quality and safety for our patients.
  • Accountable care: Chatham Family Medicine's physicians are participating providers of Atlantic Accountable Care Organization.