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Limb deformity is any condition which may impact the form or function of the arms or legs. Limb deformity may be present at birth, or may develop during the growing years of childhood.

There are many different problems that may contribute to the deformity or length discrepancy of the arms or legs. We will work with you to diagnose the problem, and discuss different treatment options which may work best for you and your child. We are trained in the latest techniques of limb lengthening and deformity correction.

Patient Story: David Villaba

When David was 12 years old, David came to orthopedic surgeon Barbara Minkowitz, MD, for evaluation of bowed legs. He has achondroplasia and struggled with daily activities. He had surgery to not only correct this angular deformity, but also had his femur, tibia and fibula bones lengthened. Twelve months later, he stands taller, without bowed legs, and is more independent with all activities of daily living. This orthopedic surgical intervention has been truly life-changing for David. His supportive family and their assistance with his care makes this case special. You can see the impressive change in the pictures.