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At Chilton Surgical Associates, we perform surgery using the minimally invasive techniques of laparoscopy and the state-of-the-art daVinci robotic surgery system, which lead to less postoperative pain and a quicker recovery.

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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Depending on your medical condition, procedures may be done either in the office or at a hospital or medical facility. At Chilton Surgical Associates, we specialize in:

  • Robotic and laparoscopic cholecystectomy – gallbladder removal
  • Robotic and laparoscopic colon resection
  • Robotic and laparoscopic hernia repair including inguinal, ventral, umbilical and incisional

We have experienced surgeons board-certified by the American Board of Surgery who specialize in:

Abdominal Surgery

We perform many different types of abdominal surgery. Whether it is done through laparoscopic surgery or otherwise, our surgical our team will walk you through your medical procedure. Depending on your diagnosis, we perform the following:

  • Abdominal wall reconstruction
  • Stomach, small bowel, colon and gallbladder surgery
  • Hernia surgery, both groin and abdominal wall

Hernia Surgery

Hernias are defects in the integrity of the abdominal wall. The umbilical area and the groins are our naturally weak areas and therefore the sight of the majority of hernias. The line down the middle of the abdomen (linea alba) or any site of prior surgery where muscle has been cut are also areas prone to develop hernias. At Chilton Surgical Associates, we perform:

  • Robotic, laparoscopic and open inguinal and femoral hernia repair
  • Umbilical hernia surgery
  • Robotic, laparoscopic and open incisional or abdominal wall hernia repair

Bowel Surgery

Many of our bowel surgery procedures at Chilton Surgical Associates are done robotically or laparoscopically. In addition, we focus on surgery related to:

  • Small bowel and colon surgeries
  • Resections for benign or malignant disease
  • Palliative bypass for tumors and obstruction