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Treatment Options at Atlantic Women’s Cancer Associates

woman talking with nurse

At Atlantic Women's Cancer Associates, our surgeons believe that you should play an active role in your treatment and recovery. We discuss all aspects of your diagnosis and treatment, allowing you and your health care team to choose from a range of medical and surgical options.

Through both locations at the Women's Cancer Center at Carol G. Simon Cancer Center, we offer a variety of treatment services for gynecologic cancers, from robotic surgery to clinical trials, to radiation therapy to chemotherapy, or any combination of these. In addition, we offer:

  • Minimally invasive surgery using the da Vinci® Surgical System for adnexal masses 
    and gynecologic cancers
  • Firefly™ fluorescence imaging to treat endometrial cancer and help identify and minimize the number of lymph nodes removed, thereby decreasing potential complications
  • Second opinions and consults for difficult and complex cases including rare tumors
  • Management of pre-invasive and invasive gynecologic diseases
  • Radical surgery, when needed
  • An emphasis on minimally-invasive surgery and robotics to improve recovery times and reverse complications
  • National and randomized clinical research trials, as well as pharmacy and industry-related research

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