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Atlantic COVID Recovery Center

The long-term effects of COVID-19 are not yet known. Whether you are having shortness of breath, mild symptoms, or need more intensive care —  the medical team at Atlantic Medical Group Pulmonology are with you every step of the way.

Many patients diagnosed with COVID-19 continue to experience symptoms that require aftercare. The Atlantic COVID Recovery Center addresses the needs of patients who have symptoms lingering 30 days after having the virus.

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Introducing the Atlantic COVID-19 Recovery Center

Dr. Markley made me feel validated with my post-covid issues. I've never had a doctor spend two hours going through my history, doing testing and discussing the next steps. I felt 'seen,' and I feel like I have some hope now.

Patient of Daniel Markley, MD

The First Step to Make You Well Again

pulmonary function test

The first step in post COVID-19 recovery is speaking with our designated care coordinator who will speak with you about your symptoms and schedule an appointment for you to meet one of our specialists. 

COVID-19 can affect many different systems within the body. Long term medical conditions may be related to symptoms affecting the lungs, heart, brain or behavioral health. Our patients will undergo various specialized tests, including a pulmonary function test.

At the Atlantic COVID Recovery Center, we have assembled a team of experts to treat the wide range of medical conditions associated with the long term effects of COVID-19, including: 

  • Cardiologists
  • Pulmonologists
  • Behavior health specialists
  • Neurologists
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapists
  • Primary care physicians

Visit us at the following locations:

Cedar Knolls

8 Saddle Road
Cedar Knolls, NJ  07927


1 Springfield Avenue
Summit, NJ  07901

Pulmonologists at Atlantic COVID Recovery Center

We are led by our pulmonology specialists, and have a dedicated care coordinator that guides patients through the process—from arranging appointments and authorizing tests, to acting as a patient liaison and helping with services.

COVID testing at Atlantic Health System

COVID-19 Testing

At Atlantic Health System, we use the most accurate test for COVID-19 available and work to ensure you receive your results quickly.

Our quick, efficient testing is available at a variety of locations for patients with or without symptoms. 

Nurse administers COVID-19 vaccine to woman.

COVID-19 Vaccine

Our goal is to vaccinate everyone who wants to receive a vaccine. We're  following the eligibility phases outlined by the State of New Jersey. 

Find out how to get an appointment at one of our vaccine centers.

Additional Support Information

Need Help Scheduling Your Appointment?

Please use the form to request more information. All requests will be forwarded to our practice within two business days.

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