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Atlantic Health Advancements (AHa!)

Atlantic Health Advancements (AHa!) is a unique innovation center and idea incubator launched in November 2017 to inspire Atlantic Health System’s team of over 16,000 employees and 3,700 physicians to generate ideas that will enhance care delivery, improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs. 

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AHa! Empowers Caregivers to Transform Health Care

AHa! integrates four independent innovation management processes:

  • Recording and evolving ideas
  • Training and supplying idea generators with the tools needed to convert ideas into products
  • Use of innovation-on-demand methodologies
  • Education on needs and demand – into one streamlined system

Those ideas selected, receive access to best-in-class engineering and prototyping support. In addition, successful inventors receive a share of any royalties resulting from the new products, while Atlantic Health System will own the intellectual property rights and use its share to further the organization's mission of building healthy communities

Learn more about the first product from the Atlantic Health Advancements (AHa!)program, the Insulin Safety Secure Initiative (ISSI) Box. This storage system for excess insulin helps separate the various types of the medication to avoid confusion and waste.