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Ways to Engage in Telehealth

Ways to Engage in Telehealth

Many patients are choosing telehealth visits with their health care providers as a safe and effective alternative for timely, convenient care where appropriate.

When should you use telehealth?

  • You're not feeling well enough to leave your home
  • You don't want to take time off of work
  • It's hard to schedule a doctor's visit into your day
  • You need a short-term refill on a prescription

I did a virtual telemedicine visit. It gave me great comfort to see and hear my own doctor in my hour of need and have his helpful medical opinion."

Sally S.

At Atlantic Health System, we are ready and able to deliver the great care that you have come to expect from us. Patients can now see a provider for medical care through a telehealth visit without having to leave home.

We offer the following options:

Schedule a Telehealth Visit

Continue or build an ongoing relationship with an Atlantic Medical Group doctor in your community with a telehealth visit right from your home. Most of our physician practices, including primary care providers, pediatricians and specialists, participate in telehealth. Learn more >

Most physicians on staff at Atlantic Health System are also providing telehealth visits. Contact your provider for more information or find a doctor >

Start a Virtual Urgent Care Visit Now

If you need medical attention right away for a non-emergency health need, start an on-demand virtual visit with an Atlantic Urgent Care physician. Get extraordinary care that's fast, convenient, and where you need it.

Other Ways We're Using Telehealth