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Clinical Trials Can Change Lives and Improve Care

June 15, 2017

When traditional treatments do not address patients’ needs for rare or complex health conditions, Atlantic Health System has a team and a process in place to support our physicians in providing the latest, cutting-edge care – right here in New Jersey.

“We have gained a national reputation for our involvement in clinical trials,” says Kurt Jaeckle, MD, research medical director for Atlantic Health System. “This allows the health system to attract some of the world’s top researchers and allows physicians here to offer our patients the most advanced and newest treatments.”

Atlantic Health System physicians and researchers are involved in over 300 clinical trials, ranging from cancer care to Parkinson’s disease, heart conditions and care for children. As part of an ongoing clinical trial, Atlantic Health System has implanted two of the first 10 transcatheter (non-surgical) mitral valve replacements in the world that previously could have only been done by surgery.

“Because of research like this, we are sometimes able to offer our patients options that they wouldn’t have available otherwise,” says Mario Carranza, administrative director of research for Atlantic Health System. “This is an essential part of our commitment to patients, and it helps us drive innovation throughout our organization.”

Clinical trials are a type of medical research in which different prevention methods, treatments, procedures and medical devices are studied. Some test how safe they are for certain patients or conditions, some test how effective they are, and others compare new options to current standards. Atlantic Health System’s experts evaluate the risks and benefits of a study for a specific patient, and offer guidance to help patients decide if they want to be involved.

Patients who volunteer for these trials and members of their medical team have the opportunity to change the lives of many others.

“Our patients are at the center of all of this, and that’s our focus,” Carranza says. “But it’s exciting to know that what we do here can also improve care across the nation and world.”

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