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No More Whispers: Increasing Awareness of Mental Health Issues

March 15, 2018

For those of us who have never experienced mental health issues, it’s often difficult trying to relate to friends, family or loved ones who suffer with behavioral or emotional challenges.

Acknowledging the existence of mental health issues within our families and communities is a very important first step to receiving the necessary support, which is why Atlantic Health System created its “No More Whispers” program.

“The stigma surrounding mental health has gone on for far too long,” says Director of Atlantic Behavioral Health Lori Ann Rizzuto, LCSW. “Many people don’t want to admit they are struggling – often they are embarrassed or ashamed. This feeling of isolation has to end, which is why this program was developed and why it’s so important for our community.”

No More Whispers is motivated to get people talking openly about a condition that affects one in six U.S. adult lives, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Through printed materials, presentations and community outreach efforts, No More Whispers will enhance awareness and engage influencers throughout New Jersey about the importance of access to mental health care.

“So many communities are doing amazing work already,” says Rizzuto. “We want to integrate our efforts with theirs. Our message is clear: We all need to address this challenge together by encouraging those in need to ask for help.”

Each hospital in Atlantic Health System is providing initiatives through the No More Whispers program. Email us to learn more about efforts in your community or to include No More Whispers in your outreach efforts.