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Research: Atlantic Health System Transforms Cancer Care with Groundbreaking Partnership

April 30, 2019

To take advantage of new treatments that are available to cancer patients, Atlantic Health System has entered into a special partnership with the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) and Origin Commercial Ventures. Together, they’re developing a new platform to deliver economically viable immunotherapies and other breakthrough cancer treatments to the region.

Better Care and Collaboration

The Breakthrough Oncology Accelerator flagship platform at Atlantic Health System will create a model to ultimately enable health systems around the country to provide faster access and better patient outcomes by enabling clinicians and researchers to share their knowledge and provide more options for patients.

Through the partnership, Atlantic Health System, TGen and Origin will leverage their proprietary platforms, expertise and collaborations to identify and deploy those resources that best help oncologists meet the needs of their patients.

“We’re looking at an onslaught of really incredible medicine that’s going to become available to cancer patients,” says Cosmo Smith, managing partner, Origin CV. “It’s our job to ensure that not only are there infrastructure, operating and clinical capabilities able to onboard these, but financing capabilities that put these therapies within reach of oncologists and their patients.”

On the research side, TGen is hard at work investigating new therapies for cancer, neurological disorders, infectious disease and rare childhood disorders. Using advanced technology, TGen delves into the origins of cancer by exploring the human genome.

“TGen’s genomic-based programs help develop cutting-edge therapies for patients whose tumors have progressed on all previous therapies,” says Daniel Von Hoff, MD, TGen’s distinguished professor and physician in chief. “We use all the science-based information we have to come up with a therapy that best fits that person.”

Bringing everything full circle is Atlantic Health System. Eric Whitman, MD, medical director of Atlantic Health System Cancer Care, heads up the partnership’s efforts at Atlantic Health System and has already seen interest from research companies. “We’ve brought on around 15 clinical trials as part of this partnership. This includes drugs and technologies that we never would have had access to in the past.”

Pioneers in Health Care Delivery

Atlantic Health System is the one health system selected by TGen and Origin to create this new platform. Why Atlantic Health System? Smith says Origin CV selected Atlantic Health System as a partner “because of its absolute undying desire to serve patients in a way that is not only compassionate but that provides the best options to those experiencing really complex cancers.”

Another important element of the alliance is Atlantic Health System’s pioneering approach. “I’ve rarely met such an entrepreneurial nursing and medical staff and business team across an organization,” says Smith. “That’s a credit to the leadership because in order to onboard these types of breakthrough medicine, you have to be willing to be innovative all the time.”

TGen’s Dr. Von Hoff concurs with Smith, “Atlantic [Health System] has a great developing center. They are anxious to bring new therapies to their patients, and their emphasis is clearly on patient care rather than just the science.”

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