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Got Diabetes? Get a Personal Plan

November 15, 2019

Whether you’ve just learned you have diabetes or you’ve had it for a while, a special team at Newton Medical Center has information you can use. They’re part of the hospital’s Diabetes Self-Management Program.

“We meet with a variety of people every day who want to learn more about their life with diabetes,” says Leigh Kramer, registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator. Some people they see are feeling overwhelmed after meeting with their doctor about diabetes for the first time. Others have had it for years and have noticed that things they did before are not working as well anymore.

“Our educators work with each person one-on-one. So, when they leave us, they know they have a plan,” Kramer says. “Plus, they know they can return for additional support.”

Several features set this program apart from others in the region:

  • All members of the team are certified as diabetes educators.
  • All offer one-on-one education, plus group classes.
  • The American Diabetes Association has affirmed that the program’s entire scope of services meets national standards to help people manage the disease.

“Our focus is on diabetes, but we’re able to address any other health challenges you might also have,” says Kathleen Fitzpatrick, a registered nurse and certified diabetes educator. “This helps them create a personal plan, and it’s empowering.”

Connect with a certified diabetes educator. Contact your doctor or call 973-579-8341.


Kudos for Health Education

People who take part in the Diabetes Self-Management Program at Newton Medical Center are grateful for what they learn. They write:

  • “Your programs are awesome. They have really helped me get my blood sugar under control.”“
  • I’ve learned more with this program than in all the years I’ve had diabetes.”
  • “My educator was very easy to talk to and was extremely educated in this field.”
  • “After meeting with my educator, I feel that I will be able to accomplish my goals.”