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Atlantic Melanoma Center Expands Presence at Overlook

June 7, 2021

Atlantic Melanoma Center, an internationally recognized program specializing in the treatment of melanoma, as well as other rare or aggressive skin cancers, has opened a new office in Overlook’s MAC II building. Established in 2008, it is one of the largest melanoma practices in New Jersey, performing more melanoma and skin cancer surgeries than any other program in the state, and participating in many important and groundbreaking clinical trials of new skin cancer treatments.

“We are excited to open our new office space at Overlook Medical Center. This space increases our ability to see patients from the Overlook area,” observes Eric D. Whitman, MD, founder and director of the Atlantic Melanoma Center and medical director of Atlantic Health System Cancer Care. “This is particularly important as we head into spring and summer, as excessive sun exposure increases the risk of developing melanoma or other skin cancers.”

The Atlantic Melanoma Center’s care team includes surgical oncologists from Atlantic Surgical Oncology who are skilled in the latest techniques for treating melanoma and other complex skin cancers; pathology and dermatopathology specialists with extensive experience with high-risk skin cancers; medical oncology specialists; reconstructive or plastic surgeons to help restore function and appearance post-surgery; and skilled oncology nurses with specialized training in melanoma treatment management.

“We have made tremendous progress in treating melanoma, the leading cause of death among skin cancers,” adds Dr. Whitman. “But much remains to be done. Our center, through clinical research trials, offers access to novel treatments that are available only at the most respected melanoma centers in the world.”

You are more likely to develop melanoma if you:

  • Have fair skin, blue or green eyes, or red or blond hair
  • Live in sunny climates or at high altitudes
  • Have spent a lot of time in high levels of strong sunlight
    because of a job or other activities
  • Have had one or more blistering sunburns during
  • Use tanning devices, such as tanning beds

Other risk factors include:

  • Having close relatives with melanoma
  • Certain types of moles (atypical or dysplastic) or many
  • Weakened immune system due to disease or medicines

If you’re over 50, have a family history of melanoma or have multiple moles (>50), get a skin cancer screening every year.

Atlantic Melanoma Center and Eric Whitman, MD are part of Atlantic Medical Group, a multidisciplinary network of health care providers.
33 Overlook Rd.
MAC II, Suite LL02

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