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New Infusion Center – Cancer Care Reimagined

April 21, 2021

The infusion center at Carol G. Simon Cancer Center in Morristown.

Arriving for his appointment at the new Infusion Center at Carol G. Simon Cancer Center in March 2020, donor, patient and former Atlantic Health System Trustee Bob Mulcahy could not believe his eyes. A spacious room, full of natural light, immediately put Mulcahy, a member of Carol G. Simon Cancer Center’s Philanthropy Council at ease; and, to his delight, he was led to a private space to sit during infusions while still being able to see his care team.

“There was an air of calmness about the whole experience,” Mulcahy says. A year ago, when he began receiving treatment, the Infusion Center was often more crowded and wait times for appointments were sometimes longer. The renovation and expansion changed all that.

From January through March of 2020, more than 4,500 patients visited the Infusion Center, up 15% from 2019. Twelve new infusion chairs are available for a total of 36, with both open and private setups, as some patients enjoy interaction while others prefer privacy. Lydia Nadeau, RN, MBA, executive director; and Eric Whitman, MD, medical director of Atlantic Health System Cancer Care, met with health care team members and patient advisory groups for advice in the design process.

Recliners for patients, a comfortable chair for family members, iPads, blanket warmers and music, pet and art therapy were all non-negotiables and are reflected in the new design, promoting a healing experience and patient-centric care.

“We are creating a resource that will be treasured by the community for years to come,” Dr. Whitman says.

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Watch a virtual tour of the Infusion Center led by Dr. Eric Whitman