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Atlantic Health System Position on Vaccination

May 9, 2019

In the wake of the recent upswing in measles diagnoses across the nation, we believe it’s important to share our position on vaccination.

Atlantic Health System strongly believes that children and adults, who are medically able to receive vaccines, should receive all vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to prevent vaccine-preventable diseases, including measles.

Vaccination may be the single most important preventive measure for overall health. Atlantic Health System firmly believes in the safety of vaccines and in their effectiveness in preventing serious illness and saving lives.

The recommended vaccines and vaccine schedule are the result of many years of evidence-based scientific study and data gathering on millions of children and adults. Atlantic Health System understands that vaccines may be of concern for some patients/families; our providers are committed to providing the most recent evidence-based literature, emotional support, and trust needed to develop a comfort level regarding vaccination.

In some cases, the vaccination schedule may be altered if there are concerns regarding the amount of vaccines administered at one time, although this can put children at high risk and is not recommended by Atlantic Health System or the CDC.

It is Atlantic Health System’s goal to keep our communities, patients and staff members safe and healthy, which includes completion of appropriate vaccination.

Note: If you suspect you or your child have been exposed to measles or are experiencing symptoms consistent with measles, please call your doctor or the emergency department before you arrive so we can ensure appropriate precautions are taken to prevent exposures to others.