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Keeping Holidays Healthy, with Dr. Anita Mannancheril

Keeping Holidays Healthy, with Dr. Anita Mannancheril

December 17, 2022

Below are some holiday safety tips from Anita Mannancheril, MD, an American Board of Family Medicine certified family medicine doctor at AMG Primary Care at Randolph.

Top tips for keeping your little ones healthy as they celebrate the holidays this year

What a great time of the year it is to celebrate with friends and family and our little ones.  Great ways to keep children healthy and safe but still enjoy the season include:

  • Having them up-to-date for their age on their vaccinations
  • Making sure food is handled and prepared in clean appropriate manners to avoid illness
  • Traveling safely including car seat safety and no drinking and driving

What to do and not do to stay healthy when decorating outdoors and indoors?

Traditions of decorating for the holidays are classic and timeless!  But as we enjoy the traditions, let’s stay safe by remembering a few key things such as:

  • Making sure artificial trees are fire resistant
  • Decorations are not sharp or breakable, and if they are, to keep them out of reach of children
  • Keeping wrapping paper and ribbons properly stored as they can be choking hazards

More information can be found here >>  

3 most important ways for adults to make sure holiday food is handled and prepared in ways to avoid illness

My advice would be:

  • Make sure that food preparation is always done in a clean environment especially when handling meat.  
  • Always make sure that food is cooked well and through.  Look for the different  temperatures that are recommended for different poultry and fish.  
  • Also, consider not letting food stay out at room temperature for prolonged periods of time as this can cause certain bacteria to grow causing food-borne illness.