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Morristown Medical Center Deploys Novel Imaging Technology That May Reduce Biopsies

November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015, Morristown, NJ – Morristown Medical Center, part of Atlantic Health System, today announced it is the first and only hospital in New Jersey to use the probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy while performing endoscopic procedures—such as a colonoscopy or endoscopy. The device, called Cellvizio® and only offered at three hospitals in the state, offers high resolution and magnification of the tissue during these procedures, potentially preventing unnecessary biopsies and decreasing the number or size of biopsies taken.

Once a patient is injected with a dye that allows doctors to see lesions, polyps, or areas of tissue that may be problematic, the microscopic optic fibers at the bottom of the laser device highlight suspicious areas in blue light, indicating the need for closer examination. In patients with severe disease or damage, the device allows doctors to obtain a more precise view of the disease and recommend more tailored treatment.

In the case of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), for instance, a gastroenterologist may take ten targeted samples using microscopy, compared to 60 to 80 random biopsies taken during a traditional colonoscopy. This reduces the chance of infection, which is a risk any time there is a cut or incision.

“This is a completely new, novel way to look at suspicious tissues without removing them unnecessarily,” says Razvan Arsenescu, MD, PhD, division chief of the Atlantic Digestive Health Institute at Morristown Medical Center. “It’s like using a black light to read the writing from an invisible ink pen — because the images are so sharp, comparable to what we’d see in an actual biopsy, gastroenterologists with specialized training are able to use it to confirm a diagnosis immediately, versus waiting days for pathology reports.”

This technology was previously available only in Europe and select U.S. medical centers. Arsenescu is part of a team that has been working to bring this technique to the U.S. through the FDA approval process.
In addition to endoscopic procedures, the laser is also used for procedures in urology, gynecology, and pulmonology.

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