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Morristown Medical Center Issues Statement Regarding Emergency Medicine Training

November 18, 2016

November 18, 2016, Morristown, NJ – Morristown Medical Center has a longstanding practice of providing the best possible training for emergency medicine residents. Historically, that education included a specialized emergency medicine training session for uncommon, human life-saving procedures and involved the use of four total live animals annually. The program consisted of two annual training sessions that took place at an off-site, unaffiliated accredited research facility.

We are not housing any animals, nor have live animals been used for medical training over the past several months as we closely evaluated this program.

Our medical education leaders have reviewed alternate practices, and we have determined that moving forward we will use both simulators and cadavers for this specialized training.

Training our physicians and staff to provide the highest quality care for our patients is our priority and responsibility. We will continue to ensure that our emergency residents are able to safely and proficiently perform life-saving procedures