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Vital Stats

Atlantic Health System 2019:
17,156 employees1
4,892 physicians/providers2
303 medical residents
1,836 licensed beds3, 6
82,091 admissions4
8,246 births4
304,725 emergency visits4, 8
1,167,759 outpatient visits4,5
55,172 hospice days

Morristown Medical Center 2019:
6,230 employees
1,776 physicians/providers
207 medical residents
735 licensed beds3,6
39,785 admissions6
4,600 births
101,132 emergency visits
623,791 outpatient visits

Overlook Medical Center 2019:
3,812 employees7
1,554 physicians/providers
96 medical residents
504 licensed beds3
22,399 admissions
2,612 births
101,245 emergency visits8
277,339 outpatient visits

Newton Medical Center 2019:
1,232 employees
503 physicians/providers
148 licensed beds3
8,185 admissions
500 births
37,131 emergency visits
94,026 outpatient visits

Chilton Medical Center 2019:
1,352 employees
700 physicians/providers
260 licensed beds3
8,143 admissions
534 births
45,171 emergency visits
113,974 outpatient visits

Hackettstown Medical Center 2019:
625 employees
359 physicians/providers
111 licensed beds3
3,579 admissions
20,046 emergency visits
58,629 outpatient visits

*Goryeb Children's Hospital 2019:9
202 employees
83 licensed beds3
3,186 admissions
778 NICU admissions
40,481 emergency visits
90,010 outpatient visits

Atlantic Medical Group 2019:
1,400,000 visits
725 physicians
276 advanced practice clinicians
342 locations

1 Defined as those who received a check from Atlantic Health System.

2 Physicians/providers include those with privileges in one or more of the five medical centers and/or employed in the Accountable Care Organization (Atlantic or Optimus ACO). Anyone with privileges at more than one medical center and/or also in the ACO is only counted once in the Atlantic Health System total. 

3 Normal newborn bassinets are not licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health and are not included; intermediate and intensive bassinets are licensed and included. 

Includes patients treated at one of the five medical centers or a hospital-based ambulatory site.

5 Includes visits to Morristown Medical Center Health Pavillion in Rockaway and Overlook Medical Center, Union Campus.

6 Includes rehabilitation and skilled nursing facility licensed beds.

7 Includes Overlook Medical Center, Union Campus employees.

8 Includes Overlook Medical Center Emergency Services, Union Campus.

9 All vital stats for Goryeb Children's Hospital at Morristown Medical Center and Goryeb Children's Center at Overlook Medical Center are also included in figures for Morristown and Overlook medical centers.

*Goryeb Children's Hospital includes Goryeb Children's Hospital at Morristown Medical Center and Goryeb Children's Center at Overlook Medical Center.