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Vital Stats

Atlantic Health System 2017:
16,407 employees1
4,796 physicians/providers2
295 medical residents
1,750 licensed beds3
88,361 admissions4
8,616 births4
299,553 emergency visits4
1,226,831 outpatient visits4,5
44,231 hospice days

Morristown Medical Center 2017:
6,700 employees
1,766 physicians/providers
208 medical residents
727 licensed beds3,6
43,171 admissions6
4,601 births
96,335 emergency visits
578,078 outpatient visits

Overlook Medical Center 2017:
3,683 employees
1,560 physicians/providers
95 medical residents
504 licensed beds3
24,480 admissions
2,733 births
100,393 emergency visits7
258,341 outpatient visits

Newton Medical Center 2017:
1,287 employees
447 physicians/providers
148 licensed beds3
8,626 admissions
625 births
34,203 emergency visits
90,314 outpatient visits

Chilton Medical Center 2017:
1,369 employees
688 physicians/providers
260 licensed beds3
8,991 admissions
657 births
45,693 emergency visits
110,857 outpatient visits

Hackettstown Medical Center 2017:
664 employees
278 physicians/providers
111 licensed beds3
3,093 admissions
22,929 emergency visits
53,897 outpatient visits

*Goryeb Children's Hospital 2016:8
460 employees
350 physicians
38 medical residents
113 licensed beds3
2,528 admissions
734 NICU admissions
20,111 emergency visits
185,000 outpatient visits

Atlantic Rehabilitation 2017:
78 licensed beds
1,754 inpatient admissions

Atlantic Medical Group 2017:
1,200,000+ visits
690 physicians
250 advanced practice clinicians
310 locations

1 Defined as those who received a check from Atlantic Health System and were employed in one of the following departments: Corporate, Morristown Medical Center, Overlook Medical Center, Newton Medical Center, Physician Associate Medical Group, Hackettstown Medical Center, Chilton Medical Center, Atlantic Medical Group and leave of absence. An additional 2,040 Atlantic Health System employees were from departments other than the five medical centers.

2 Physicians/providers include those with privileges in one or more of the five medical centers and/or employed in the Accountable Care Organization (Atlantic or Optimus ACO). Anyone with privileges at more than one medical center and/or also in the ACO is only counted once in the Atlantic Health System total. 

3 Normal newborn bassinets are not licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health and are not included; intermediate and intensive bassinets are licensed and included.

Includes patients treated at one of the five medical centers or a hospital-based ambulatory site.

5 Includes an additional 139,409 home care-certified visits.

6 Includes rehabilitation and skilled nursing facility licensed beds and admissions at Atlantic Rehabilitation.

7 Includes Overlook Medical Center Emergency Services, Union Campus.

8 All vital stats for Goryeb Children's Hospital at Morristown Medical Center and Goryeb Children's Center at Overlook Medical Center are also included in figures for Morristown and Overlook medical centers.

*Goryeb Children's Hospital includes Goryeb Children's Hospital at Morristown Medical Center and Goryeb Children's Center at Overlook Medical Center.