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The physicians and staff of the Children's Kidney Center collaborate with the child, the parents, and the child's primary care physician to develop and coordinate individualized treatment plans for a variety of kidney-related conditions, including:

– High blood pressure in children is often associated with kidney disease. The center specializes in its diagnosis and treatment.
Urinary tract infections
– We can provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment program to prevent kidney damage that may result from urinary tract infections.
Hematuria (blood in the urine) and proteinuria (protein in the urine)
– An abnormal urinalysis is a relatively common finding and usually does not indicate significant renal pathology. In some instances, the abnormalities are an important consideration for the diagnosis of serious renal disease. Once the diagnosis has been completed, an individualized treatment plan will be designed if necessary.
– Bedwetting is common and can often be resolved with behavior modification techniques and time. Children with an abnormal urinary tract may experience daytime wetting, urinary tract infections, and persistent night time wettings. These findings may indicate the need for further evaluation.

The Children's Kidney Center also treats children with diseases such as:

Nephrotic Syndrome
– Damage to the glomeruli (kidney filtering units) that leads to abnormal amounts of protein in the urine, which can cause fluid retention.
– Kidney disorders in which inflammation affects the glomeruli (kidney filtering units).
Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome
– A disorder in which the number of platelets suddenly decreases, red blood cells are destroyed, and the kidneys stop functioning.
– An autoimmune disease that results in episodes of inflammation in joints, tendons, and other connective tissues and organs.
Renal Calculus (kidney stones)
– A hard stone-like mass that forms in the kidney. Renal colic is a sudden, acute intermittent pain that occurs when the stone begins to pass down the ureter.

Physician services are provided through Atlantic Medical Group.


Atlantic Health Children’s Specialty Center at East Brunswick

Atlantic Health Children’s Specialty Center at Morristown

Atlantic Health Children’s Specialty Center at Overlook

Collins Pavilion at Chilton Medical Center

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